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My Cheyenne

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What I thought was a stubborn hairball has turned out to be soething worse. My Cheyenne has a respitory infection.She is 13 & I"ve had 11 years.She was doing great health wise till last month.She is on medicine for her thyroid which is now under control.
She wasat the vet's, got a shot & I have to ive liquid medicine twice a day. Which is quite the experience. She's still not quite herself.And goe back the 2 nd for a ckeckup. Plus bloodwork to check her liver & kidney's. I'm so worried.
Everytime I look at her I cry.Will everyone please say a prayer for her.That hn she goes the 2nd, it will turn out just fine. It took me forever when I had to let my husky go eight years ago. And I know it will take even longer if I lose Cheyenne.
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Get well For sweet Cheyenne!
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Poor Cheyenne - here's hoping she will respond to the medication! I have a cat that we adopted at 14, and that was 4 1/2 years ago - so here's hoping Cheyenne does as well as Tigger!
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Prayers for her.
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sending & for Cheyenne!
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Lots of prayers for Cheyenne and you
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Good health vibes and prayers for Cheyenne & calming vibes for you.
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