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Collective Creativity needed please?

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You guys were so great last time when my niece entered college, to figure out neat ideas to put into her survival package gift that I wanted to send her....

Well, she graduates top of her class with a degree in Political Science in May. I want to put together another survival package for her for "out in the world." She has landed an entry level job with the F.B.I. which has been her goal since she was 15 years old.

Anyone have any ideas what I can add to this Survival Package for her? Right now I have some rolls of quarters (for toll booths or subways) A map of Washington D.C. (where her new job is) a new pair of walking shoes- and after that I am tapped out of ideas?
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various cleaning supplies for her new place might be nice. some detergent for the dressier items she will have to start wearing (woolite). it seems like there is always household stuff for every move that adds up at walmart.
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How about a membership to the Smithsonian Institution or the National Zoo? A restaurant guide for DC would be good, or a subscription to the Washington Post newspaper. A gift certificate to Target/WalMart/Bed, Bath and Beyond. A dishcloth set, measuring spoons and cups, a basic pots+pans starter kit.
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hmmm, I good mystery book to remind her not to work to hard. Calling cards, so she can call friends that are far away and keep in touch with you. Not sure what else. I'll think about it
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I don't know if you have a camcorder or anything like that, but if you do.. you could make a home video of you and your husband congratulating her, telling her how proud you are of her, and that you love her

Other than that, I'm not too sure Household items like everyone else said sounds good though
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A copy of The Joy of Cooking, or some other cookbooks. A Blockbuster gift card so she can relax with some videos after work.
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How about some video's to bring in some humor?
I suggest a copy of "Austin Powers" or "Men In Black"!...

And to be practical - you can never have too many hair accessories! I'm not sure how you guys call it - what I mean is like a Pony band to pick your hair up, or brade it... :blossom:

Tell her I said GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! :flash:
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F.B.I.? Doesn't she need Ray bans?
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Cookbooks are always a good idea. Maybe a decorating magazine or two so she can get some inspiration for her new place? Some gift certificates to a nice restaurant, just as a little treat. Some CDs of relaxing music, cute fridge magnets, some fancy pens, maybe a nice new day planner?
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a cat.

...for her to have someone to come home to...
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Originally posted by Tamme
a cat.

...for her to have someone to come home to...
Now THAT'S the best idea yet!
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The cat idea is definetely the best!!! But I also like Princess Purr's calling card idea and Brenda's Blockbuster videos card idea!!!

How about adding some of those teas that you put in the care package that you (being the sweetheart that you are) sent to me when you knew I needed some extra cheering up? She could sip them while she watched her videos!!!!
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Vikki....those are GREAT ideas!!!!!!
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MA, I don't have additional suggestions, but I just wanted to say congrats! ...and what a sweetheart you are...

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The only thing I can think of is a gag gift of handcuffs (not real ones) since she is in a "law enforcement" type job! Good luck to her as she starts her new job!
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Wow you guys are GOOD! What great ideas!

I like the gift certificates to restaurants idea because then she has a way to try out different places and bring along a friend by saying well I have this certificate, want to join me, etc! Also cook books, can't ever have too many of those. Movie passes maybe? Certificate to a hair salon to get a nice cut before she starts her job? Or to a clothing store to buy work clothes?

How lucky she is to have you doing something so nice for her!
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What about a picture album for her to fill up with pic's of her new friends, etc.? You could fill in the first couple pages with pic's from when she was little.
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