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Our new pup!!

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We've had him nearly three weeks now and he's 11 weeks old. I Just had to show him off. He's looking a bit fed up here coz I let the cats in, but made him stay outside :laughing: . . .

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I love cute little puppies and your new furbaby is sooooo adorable!!!!

By the way, he looks very similiar to Scamp, the dog I grew up with. What is your new puppy's name and what breed(s) is he??????
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He's very cute!! Awww . . .
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awww what a cutie!!
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Cute puppy!
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Sal, your new pup is one handsome little fella.
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Yesss very cute!! I miss having a dog around :/

What breed, or mix of breeds?
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He is wondering why he can't come in too!?!?
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Awww! He's adorable!
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Yep, he is lovely . . . most of the time

He's all sharp teeth and claws at the moment and he's biting everything he can find (especially us). He's had to be kept in while his injections are sorted, but he can finally go out for the first time tomorrow and we can't wait - he'll be able to get rid of his enery over in the park instead of round our living room!!

He's s smooth-coated border collie called Chance - he was found on a farm in North Wales with two other pups but no mum. We drove 250 miles to get him, but he's well worth it

Ooops, I'd better go and rescue my shoes!!!!
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How cute is your puppy!! :daisy:
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What is it with border collies being named Chance? haha, popular I guess. We used to have a bc/jrt mix, and I've worked with a lot of various bc's in rescues, I love the breed I really do, but I don't think I would ever want to own one again... we'll see.

More pictures please! he is soo adorable, kiss his little muzzle for me.
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
More pictures please!
Ha ha - you've done it now Here's a couple more pics:

His first day being allowed out was a great success - we even got to eat our evening meal in peace for the first time in three weeks, he was so tired!!!
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He's such a doll! It really can take a lot to wear this breed out. It's not enough to just go run outside by himself for a while, he's gotta have some real mental stimulation too! Playing fetch was never enough for our Liam, he HAD to be doing some sort of vigorous training or sitting on my head and bitting my ear or he was unhappy. Had we still had him we would have tried to get him into agility, everyone told me they'd give their left arm for a border jack on their team, lol. =p

Here's some pix of him, all the bc's and the hearding breeds have that same look in their eyes I think, and it's captivating! It's the look of intelligence and ready to go!

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They're great pics Angel - You're right about they eyes; Chance has exactly the same look - it's as if to say "well, what are we going to do next then??"

I've just taken him for a quickwalk to the post box, but he doesn't like the sound of cars, so he either stops everytime one goes past, or I end up picking him up and walking with him. It's just taken me 25 mins to do a 10 min walk
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