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Friday's DT

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Oh, cool. I've never started on of these before.

Wish me luck, everyone. I'm going to the allergy doctor in a few minutes. I am desperately hoping they can give me some GOOD medicine for my allergies. (My eyes are so swollen, I can hardly see.) I don't know WHAT I am going to do if I can't get them to give me something strong.

Then I go to work this afternoon, so pretty uneventful later on. I am going to see a play tonight that a friend of mine is in, so that should be really neat. Have a great day, everyone!!!
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What is DT??
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DT = Daily Thread.

Not doing too much today...schoolbuses are cancelled so I've managed to get 2 more days to study for my chemistry test! Yay!

Spending some time online to find some suitable Easter crafts to do at the seniors' home. So far, no such luck. I'm looking for something that's relatively simple for them to do but doesn't look extremely juvenile. Any ideas?
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How about gluing those foam rubber shapes to picture frames? They make bunnies and egg shapes.... and of course you can also bring beads and pompom balls and whatever else strikes your fancy. We made some at last year's easter party at church and they don't look TOO kiddie...
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ohh ok..i should have known..
not muhc here today..grocery shopping tonight as usual on Friday nights, and cleaning up a little bit...
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I'm soooo glad it's Friday!!!!!!! We can finally take our new puppy out at the weekend, as he had his last jab on Monday - at long last!!! I've just been chasing him round the workshop trying to get a T-bag out of his mouth - where he found it I'll never know

Oh well, hometime in 50 minutes - Have a nice weekend everyone!!!!!!!!
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lola, how are things with operation kipnap stray cat? any progress to report?

nothing going on here. i'm glad it's friday. i know what i am doing tonight

have a good day everyone!
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Last night was icky! Today is looking like it will be just as icky.

Unfortunately, Craig was sick this week, and apparently I managed to pick it up from him. So, I'm dealing with extremely swollen tonsils, and a sore throat, and a very stuffy head. I've been taking Nyquil religiously every 6 hours, and this cold isn't budging. It hasn't even slightly gone away. Grrr.

I'm waiting to pick up the cough he had, but so far I haven't done so. He says that everyone at his job is sick, and when you walk into the building its like a chorus of coughs. Lovely.

I think I'll spend the day in bed, eating hot soup, drinking water, and guzzling Nyquil
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Guzzling Nyquil, huh? Thought that your typing looked a bit slurred.

Nothing going on, here, today. Bill's BIL is down, for a government auction and, if he buys any vehicles, he wants us to help ferry them. Butch buys these things, cheap, does a little fix-up and resells them.

We'd better go buy groceries, too. The dog food bag is pretty lean and I'm even out of leftovers.
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ICKY ICKY weather here, rain 36* I am getting house cleaned,wash done,Then I have to take my car up to Eric,he is going to the funeral,of his Marine friend,who was killed in the war.This is not going to be easy for him.
In a up date to the house fire that killed 3 childern,They have ruled it a over heated wood stove.There were 4 childern,one was not hurt,There were smoke dec.,but the house was so old,it went up fast,The grandmother had all 4 kids,but the 3 somehow got sperated[sp] and grandfather tried to get back in to find them,would not get in a he got 3rd dreg. burned on 50 persent of his body from the waist up. That funeral is also tommorrow.
Hope everyone has a nice day.
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Quote: i know what i am doing tonight

That sounds suspicious! Now I'm curious, Jan. What are you up to?
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My nefarious plans to kidnap a stray in my grandmother's neighborhood, shove it in a small box, put it in a tiny room, take it to get shot, and after that indignity, have his/her genitals butchered? Going right on track!

For the humor-impaired, a translation... I am taking in a stray. I will put it in a carrier, take it home and do the "seperate room" method of introduction, take it to the vet, and have it neutered.

But right now we're still canvassing the neighborhood to find any possible owners... but I don't think there are. My grandmother and brother are going to put flea meds (left over from when I took in Willie) on her this afternoon in preparation for the kidnapping. If no owners are found, I go on stakeout at her house tomorrow.
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Socks got her first taste of canned kitty food today (I know, I'm a bad kitty mommy...nine years of plain dry kitty food). I'm afraid she'll never want to eat dry again! At first, she wasn't too sure, so I put some of her favorite cat treats on top and she chowed the whole thing down (only half a little can - I didn't want to overdo it at first) then she started mrrowing at me incessantly 'til I gave her a bit more. Spoiled girl! I went to Zellers this morning to get some cookies (as in people food). I left with two cheap boxes of cookies, a six pack variety cat treats, Tender Vittles, and three cans of cat food, bird seed for the outside birds, budgie seed for Squawk, and cat toys and bird toys... lol. The lady stared at me as if I owned a zoo.

The picture frames are a great idea, Lola. They always have pictures of their grandkids everywhere!
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If they don't have dementia or Alzeimer's, I would suggest hollow eggs to decorate with markers and sparkles, or dress the eggs up to look like rabbits...

Today I totally slept in! I wanted to get up an hour earlier than normal so I could get some housework done, but I accidentally stayed up reading until after 5 am! I didn't wake up until 1:30 in the afternoon. Which is ok, I don't have to work until 4, but still... Damn romance novels...

Niina! I'm writing your postcard right now! Hubby just got some in work so got one for me. I was bugging him for a week to get me some, but they didn't have any until now. I'm so sorry, I'll get it out today...Do you think I'll need two stamps?? The one thing I don't like about being left-handed is that when I write, all the wet inks smears behind my hand, I hope I won't have to re-do it. LOL

ok, I guess I'll go get a coffee to wake meself up. Ha Ha, you know when you're addicted to TCS when... HEY! that would be a good thread. I think I'll start it right now, before the coffee. :LOL:
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My first time for a daily thread! Today started out pretty weird, my friend called at 1am (so it was Friday!) and asked if I knew the animal control officer around here, because she'd found a stray kitten... I looked it up for her, but of course couldn't call at 1am. I took over some litter, a little tray for it, some dry and canned food plus a carrier. The kitten was sooo skinny and dirty, but s/he was extremely friendly, immediately purring and wanting loving when u got close to it. No collar or id tags.

Then in the morning I got my second tattoo! 1,5 hours of work done and now I've got a beautiful lizard on my upper back. Trying to take good care of, luckily I can just reach to clean and moisturize all of it. After that we took the kitten in to the "found kitties" place... Hopefully his owners are picking him up soon, he's such a loveable little cat!
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Eeva, It's great to hear from you. You should post more often! I join you in hoping that the little stray finds its owner, or a new, good home.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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