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Advantage or FrontlinePlus - Which Do You Prefer?

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Hi Everyone

Last month I used Advantage on my kitties. The only thing I did not like was that for the first week there was this very strong chemical smell. It was so strong that every time I went near the cats I was repelled by it! I couldn't help but wonder how it must have affected my babies. I mean if the smell was that strong to me, I can only imagine how it must have been for them.

I have heard that FrontlinePlus lasts longer than Advantage. Also my Rascal is 19lbs and I'm wondering if one dose of FrontlinePlus would be enough for him, or even one dose of the Advantage for that matter. I know, I have to discuss this with my vet, but I thought I would ask for your opinions.

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My baby-cat used to be on Frontline plus but since she got a tapeworm treatment, I've switched it to Revolution.

My friend's cat(long-haired) used to be on Frontline plus, too, but she was complaining that no matter how often she applied it for her cat, he started scratching within a week or two, with the sight of several fleas.
She shampooed her cat weekly, AND applied Frontline plus but apparently did not work at all for her cat. She recently switched it to Advantage. Her cat's been fine ever since then
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Frontline Plus works great with my 11 cats.
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HI! I have heard that with Frontline people seem to see more fleas on the animal than they did before. I copied this from the Frontline site:

"Why am I seeing more fleas on my pet after applying a FRONTLINE Brand Product?

After the application of a FRONTLINE Brand Product, you may see more fleas, but this is an indication that the FRONTLINE Brand Product is working. FRONTLINE Brand Products make fleas hyperexcited, drawing them to the top of the haircoat before dying. This will make them more visible to you."

This could explain why people seem to be seeing more fleas on their pets. However, if the pets are scratching a lot, that is not a good sign.

To those of you that use the Frontline, does it have a strong chemical smell to it?

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Anyhoo, I'm taking the babies to the vet tomorrow so I will let you know what he recommends.
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I've used Frontline and Advantage on cats. Both had similar chemical smells, but I didn't notice either after about a day, so I'm not sure why yours was so bad. Frontline originally worked just fine, for years in fact, but then I guess something happened with the fleas locally. Frontline stopped working well for A LOT of people around here. So that was when we switched to Advantage, and had no problems at all. Frontline did seem to last longer back when it was actually working. Now, though, I'm not using anything, since we have no fleas.
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