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Twins update

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Sam had another ultrasound, Wednesday. The GIRLS are each 4 1/2 pounds, developing normally. During the US, one of the babies stuck her foot, into the other one's mouth!:LOL: Sam will be 34 weeks, on Sunday and the doctor says, if she goes into labor now, he'll let her deliver.

Mark is OK, in Florida. His program is tough and he can't have any contact, for the first two weeks. Sam is in touch, with his counselor. Its a shame, that he won't be here, when the babies are born but, its important, for him to be straight.

Grandma, grandma, grandma........just trying to get used to it.
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Glad to hear everything's going well! May the trend continue...
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That's great! Awww, twins are so cute! Keep us posted! And we want baby pics when they are born! Pleeeease???
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I hope she has a safe and pain-free delivery!!! Let us know how it goes and please post some pictures!
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Be sure when those babies arrive to post lots of pics!
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This is so exciting! Are they identical?
4,5 pounds each! Thats quite something, and at 34th week!
My boy was born very small, 5 pounds, after 40 weeks, so Sam has twise my bump!!!
It is the plan to make her deliver, right?
Good luck!
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Oh My goodness Cindy!

I hope she has an easy time of it carrying two sweet babies as well as when she delivers. Prayers going out to Mark- he has not chosen an easy path either. I pray he succeeds in staying away from the unhealthy elements of his past.

Way to go Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! (you used to the name yet?)
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Hey Granny! I'm sure you'll make a fantastic grandma. I hope everything goes smoothly for Sam, and for Mark. At least he'll be clean when he meets his daughters.
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cindy - i am glad to hear the twins are doing well.

hope mark's program is going well. it's sad that he won't be here to see them born. do you know anyone with a vidoe camera that might be able to tape things shortly after the birth for him?
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You will love being a grandmother!!!!I have said, Grandchildern are so much fun.....I should have them first!!!
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When MY mother first became a grandmother, she bought a red Trans Am and a motorcycle. I think that I'll just wear my leather miniskirt, to visit the hospital. This grandma's got LEGS!!!

The only problem is that gray-haired old fart, who follows me around. I'll just tell people that he's my sugar daddy.
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LOL Go gramma!! [sugar daddy] wish I had a one!![just kidding]
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Cindy, you crack me up! Go for it grandma! Sugar Daddy and all!

I'm so glad to hear things are going well! How "big" is mum? I mean - a co-worker was a teeny-weeny woman (4'11", like 90 pounds or something), and she was pregnant with twins. By month six, she had to use a wheelchair! She gave birth at about week 32, if I remember correctly.

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Make that a "Sugar grandpappy". I am so excited for this miracle that is about to happen in your family!
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I missed this update somehow. . . SO glad everything is going smoothly and that she will be able to deliver from this point on. Glad to hear Mark is doing well too. It will all be worth it hopefully when they are reunited as a BIG happy family! And grandma, are you already buying things to spoil the girls?!
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When I talked to Sam, this morning, she said that she's on weekly checks, now. Sunday will put her at 34 weeks and the doc says that if she goes into labor, he'll let her deliver.

I feel so badly, for her though. My son is a butthead!
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Hey Nana...You just might have those grandbabies pretty darn soon! It's so exciting! I've been following the twins story since the beginning and am dying to finally she their precious little faces!

Please, please, please...keep us all posted with the details! Can't wait to see those pix!
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