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News channel bulldozes Feral Cat Colony - Please Sign!

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Please sign this petition.

Here is one article.

Fox called in a PEST CONTROL COMPANY to "get rid of" these cats!
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Petition signed.
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Originally Posted by SportBikeMike View Post
Petition signed.
same here... don't know how much they'll care, tho, since i live in another state
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Going to go sign right now. Mods, would it be possible sticky this thread for now so it doesn't get lost?
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What is wrong with these people? Have a heart. These cats can't help themselves. They can't can't spay and neuter themselves! How is this legal?
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Signed... How terrible some people are
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Another thing that anyone in that area can do is send letters and/or e-mail to the businesses that advertise on that station.

You can express your outrage about what is being done. Also state that you will no longer watch their programing or patronize the businesses that advertise on their station.

This will get more attention. When it comes to business money talks.
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WTH is wrong with people
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I signed, but I was at such a loss for words I couldn't even think of anything to add.
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I am sure that the rescue I volunteer with has gotten involved with this as well as the SPCA and several others. I will find out when I go in tomorrow. I just find it sickening that they called an exterminator to get rid of the cats! They did not say how they killed the ones they already caught
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I signed! I can't believe how uncaring some people can be about cats. Haven't they ever looked into a cat's eyes?
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Probably. At which point the cat felt threatened because a big predator was staring at it and backed off and hissed.

These people just don't get cats, and for some people not understanding something means they think it isn't important.
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I find a lot of people don't understand cats. When you take the time to understand them, they are easy to read. We just had a wonderful cat at our shelter who at 9 years old was abandoned for "Talking too much". When I looked in his eyes I could see heart break. He was so sweet and just couldn't understand what he did wrong. The good news is that he got adopted. My point is that because I took the time to understand him, I knew he was heart broken, not "cold & aloof" as so many people think.
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Done- I hope it helps.
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Charges are being filed against the exterminator company who trapped and killed three of the cats. Things are still up in the air regarding the rest of the colony, but they are being fed by several neighboring businesses and a TNR effort is underway.
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Vibes and prayers for the health and safety of those cats!
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This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. I can't imagine that this will go over well with their advertisers as well. I have sent the link to Purina and other pet type advertisers that I can think of. It's a waste of time emailing FOX but not a waste of time going to their advertisers. They think with their wallets. If they lose their advertising then maybe they will think about their actions.
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Well Bless their Hearts! the poor idiots! I left a comment on the SPCA's
website! Paybacks are "Hell"!!! Darn, I hope there isn't a tornado or two
come through up there and wipe out their houses!! Praying for your enemies,
and watch them have a change of heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is what we all
should do and then we won't need to worry about them!!!! They would change then, whether they wanted to or not!!!!!!!! That is sweet!!
and it works cause I have done it before.......what revenge, and we
did the right thing by praying for the heartless!
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Signed. That is absolutely horrible.

I overheard someone where I work talking about the feral cats we have there. We actually have employees who feed them, and one who traps them to get them spayed/neutered, then rehomes them. There's about 7-10 cats & kittens there now, and the person I heard talking was saying he wanted to put rat poison out, and if they ate it, then that's too bad. I will be keeping an eye out for the poison, and I'm sure the other cat-lovers there will too.

The cats hurt no one, and the owners/upper management seem to have no problem with our furry friends living under the storage trailers. They actually brighten peoples' days - have a bad day, go out and watch the kittens play around. Some people have no hearts.
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