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A drop of urine???

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Hi I just bought an 11 week old bengal male and today I noticed when I
was petting him he stood up from where he was sitting and there was a
single drop of urine. This happened a couple more times but never more
than a drop and it only happened when he was purring and being petted.
Do male cats store residual urine in their urethra that leak out?

Thank you!
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He's a baby and I'll bet he just hasn't gotten full control over his urethra and bladder yet. I assume there is a trace of urine residue left in the urethra after urinating and then the relaxation and pleasure he gets when being petted probably causes it to "let go." As long as there are no other symptoms, I'd just watch him and I'll bet it stops happening with a bit more maturity on his part.

A baby bengal--sounds divine!!!!
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Thanks for reassuring me I was woried I would have a "wetter" for a little bit there! Yes he is the best kitten, I can hardly walk by him without him literally throwing himself on my feet in order to get me to stop and pet him. He is one purring machine I am totally smitten I am having him neutered on Monday so I will have the vet check for a UTI just in case.
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Sounds like you've got it totally under control. Great idea about checking him out when he's being neutered.

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