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Transitioning to Adult Food

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So, Lt. Pants will be celebrating his first year in August, and soon it will be time for him to make the transition to grown-up food

Right now, he's on Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Kitten dry, and a mix of Nutro Kitten, AvoDerm, Natural Balance, and By Nature wet (the only wets he'll touch). The wet will probably stay the same, maybe switching from Nutro's kitten formula to the adult formula, if he'll eat it.

I know that I have to transition slowly with the dry. Should I stick to the Nutro brand, since he likes it and hasn't had any trouble with it? I know there are higher-quality foods, and it'd be nice to have him eating those, but I don't want to upset his palate too much Any recommendations for a good adult food?
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Any change of food, even kitten to adult, needs to be done slowly. The kitten food vs. the adult food in Nutro (or any brand) are very diverse. As for what food....that depends on Lt. Kit & what he does best on, what's locally available & your budget.
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i agree do a slow switch .. the kitten and adult indoor are not all to different but
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If you can afford higher quality dry food, I would go for it! I really like the Wellness pet foods. If I could afford it, I would be feeding that.

Nutro is good too though, especially for the price. You could stick with that and just feed wet food more often.
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