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Naughty Kitties!

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Oh the girls were naughty during the night! They tore down my curtains in the living room! Broke and bent the rod! They knocked a bunch of stuff down looking for their food! They haven't had any food since 8pm last night since they are going to the VET this morning for their spay appointments.

I will have to give them extra lovings when they come home tonight!
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They will live, I hope you do. Its so sad how long they go without eating before the surgery. Mine got no food from 6pm the night before, until I got them home the morning after surgery. Piglet lost a bunch of weight, her tummy was gone all you could see were hips. She is fat now...LOL
All 5 pounds of her. I know they had a tube down the throat, so it took her longer to eat, she did not want to. She could get out of her E-collar, that was fun. I would come in the room & she would be sitting with the collar next to her.

Hope the girlys do well.
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Oh poor kitties, but they will be fine. Little stinkers when they are hungry, lol.
Is an e-collar the funnel head thingy (never knew its real name, always just called it the funnel head thingy) Reminds me of an episode of "The Simpsons" when Santa's Little Helper walks by Grandpa wearing one and he replies "Hey, the lamp is trying to run away!"
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oh dear! that will teach you to starve them! hopefully they will calm down and be good kitties once they have had their surgery.
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I'm sure your girls will be fine and dandy once they get home from surgery
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