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Cute Kitties Alert!

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My friend just sent me her new page from her website- look at all this trouble!

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Too cute! It makes me want to have little fluffballs running around my house. At least for an hour or 2.
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Oh my GOSH how adorable. I love the Himalayans. Does anyone know if they shed a lot? I also love the Ragdolls but I am afraid of shedding with them too? Anyone know?
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Oh, how adorable!!! So so cute! I want one!

Ragdolls don't shed much; they don't have an undercoat. Not sure about Himalayans.
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Ooohh.. makes me want to get another kitten! They're so cute! I love how short their tails are when they're so little!
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I know ust how she feel's! I have 4 that age!! And yes they are a terror!They love to be in the kitchen when I cook,I have to look around before I take a step!Allways under foot.But they are so cute!
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Those two look as though they could Rowdy a run for her money!
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They are just so darn adorable!! I wish I could have one!!
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Haha! They are down right precious! I *looove* the captions, and the look on mommy's face when she's trying to clean the babies. That gave me quite a chuckle. Thank you for sharing Hissy
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