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Daily Thread Thurs June 26th!

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Morning sunshines!

29 degrees and thunderstorms today..I will be keeping the great whites under wraps today due to the rain.

Tomorrow night I get to see my man!!

Tonight after work I am heading to my sisters place to give her my house key so she can check on Trouty while I'm gone. Then some cleaning and packing.

Have a great day folks!
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Good morning all

Have a safe trip trouts mum

Today started with a mini thunderstorm but now it's sunny have the day off and it's one of those days where you wanna relax

Only 1 more day until the weekend

Hope everyone has a wonderful day
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Good morning

It's currently 75* out, on its way to a high of 93* and possibility of thunderstorms throughout the day.

Hopefully I wont be working too late today, I'm so sleepy - didn't climb into bed until 12am I just found out I'm supposed to train someone to do my position, she'd be a "backup" like if I'm on vacation. But I just cannot stand talking to her - she ends sentences with the word "like" and it just drives me insane

And I just dont have time to train anyone right now. I already have a backup for my job when I'm out and he is more than happy to cover for the 4 days in August I'll be out.
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I'm not as upset anymore but still feel weird about it. grrrrrr

Anywayz, have a gd day peeps!
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We have sun and the muggy weather here in WI. Temps up to 85 later these afternoon.
Slept fair/poor due to stiff neck-my SIL said my shoulder area is really right so I should find a person just to do a neck/shoulder massage. Oh and my monthly visitor is here (yippee).

Anyhow went on the plant buying road trip yesterday and picked up around 20-25 more plants I have to find homes for (yikes!!) I have spots for some picked out but not for all.
Stopped at a small nursery that sold uncommon trees and shrubs and spent $$ on a couple items there too.

The trailer is hooked up to the truck and I'll leave in an hour or so to get another load of bark mulch and hopefully that will be enough. Have a small garden tour tonite plus I have to find some time to drop off the plants for the local cat rescue rummage sale.
We are supposed to have heavy rain tomorrow so I have to get the plants there tonite if I can unhook the trailer by myself as I'm not driving around with that!!

Thats about all!!

Enjoy Thursday and keep smiling..............
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Morning All!!!

Raining quite hard here but so far no storms they are forecasting them for this afternoon though.

Heading off to work shortly, have a meeting with my boss right after lunch. Going to be fairly quiet for the next few days, a lot of people are taking an extended weekend from Friday to Wednesday because of the Canada Day Holiday on Tuesday...

I am working all weekend but will have the holiday itself off..

Nothing planned for this evening other then the usual.

Kitties are good this morning, having treats right now..

Everyone have a great day.
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woohoo canada day I forgot
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I have today off. I went to Jackson, MS, on Tuesday, got back yesterday, and go out again tomorrow for an overnight run.

We had some thunderstorms last night. We need a good rainy day, since I hate watering the lawn.

Ella is still at the shelter, and they have a bunch of new kittens, too, and a few adults.
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
But I just cannot stand talking to her - she ends sentences with the word "like" and it just drives me insane
How annoying! Here, give this to her:

So our driveway is still being paved. Today and tomorrow for the one "set", then we have two more sets. I think it's great, but man! They work until 7, and you know how repaving sounds and smells? Well, I don't think I'll be going home until late! Poor kitties... Luckily they're on the side AWAY from the sounds and smells, but it doesn't stop it.

Smoke wasn't so bad this morning, but my allergies still are. That's no fun! And it's FREEZING here today! I can't believe it's June 26 and I MISS summer already! It was only 50 when I left. I've had my heater on here at work!

The X-Pack is good. They are so big and playful now! It is SO hard to leave them once I say hi. They are running and jumping and climbing all over me! I think I make the best cat tree.

The big cats- Evie and mommy- are doing well. Mommy is still eating, and I'm slowly switching her over from that connoction I made special for her to normal cat food. Her poops were really stinky! Evie is great. She was in a super needy mood this morning, so I'm all chewed up!

Happy Thursday to you all!
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