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Cat Urine

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I recently moved so its been a while since I posted. The female cat I took in has started urinating all over my house. What can I do to get rid of the smell and what can I do to stop this behavior? I took her in on Halloween. She was approximately 3 or 4 months old at the time. At about 5 months she urinated all around my livingroom couch. I read that cats will do that right before they go into heat to attract male cats. I wanted to get her spayed but couldn't afford it and then she was pregnant. I don't know if any of you remember but my dog ate the kittens. So I had an appointment to get her fixed and my furnace went out so there went the money for the cat. Then we moved... we have been in the new house since the begining of March. Last week the cat began urinating all over the house. Every rug (not carpet) and again around the couch (which was not even a month old). I'm planning on taking her in tomorrow to get spayed but my question is if this will stop the problem or will she smell it again and do it again. Its to the point that I don't really want to keep her. I can't live with the smell. Both my kids have asthma and the smell triggers their attacks. Any advice or suggestions?

Hoping for some good news, Joan
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While she is gone, you need to get a good enzyme cleaner and a black light flashlight and scrub out your place. The black light will illuminate all the urine so you will get it all. You need Nature's Miracle or something just as effective to get rid of the urine smell. If you can't afford an enzyme cleaner get a large bottle of full strength regular vinegar and use that.

Also when you take her in, ask the vet to look for any urinary tract infections first, before the spay. If she is ill with an UTI he will want to clear that up first before spaying her.
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Oh my god, the dog ate the kittens, how terrible!!!
The first and only time my Feykirofa vent into heat earlyer this year, she peed all over the sofa, twice, both times on and around the spots she used for sleeping spots at that time, and ones in her little cod. The smell was so terrible and ruined some things that were close to the sofa.
My other cat, Pollyanna, has gone into heat several times and has never done this, so this is not her reaction to the situation. I wasn´t going to risk another happening like this, so we took her to be spayed asap, and - I hope this gives you hope - this has not happened again.
Good luck!
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Hissy, where can I get an enzyme cleaner? And a black light flashlight?
I never got the smell out of my sofa, tried vinegar (boy, that stinks too!, but maybe the smell of that wears off?) and some kind of sterilizing alcahol. Then to be able to use the sofa I taped the affected cushions and arms inside the cover with broad strong tape, untill I could find a better solution go get the smell out.
A couple of days ago, a male cat got in, twice and marked inside the living room and still after endless mopping and cleaning there is smell, I just don´t seem to find where it all comes from, so maybe the flashlight might help?
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If you go to our homepage and click on Petsmart's ad they have blacklight flashlights. Then if you go to Meowhoo.com and click on Basic Pet Supplies and then Odor and Stain Controls you will find all sorts of websites that carry enzyme cleaners.
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Thanx hissy
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Ok I read the behavior stuff. I didn't know females could spray. I've learned quite a bit. I used my son's black light, how scary. Just for the heck of it I went in my bathroom. Yikes!!! I thought I did a pretty good job cleaning in there but apparently I just smeared it around. Yuck. Anyway, I found the cat sprayed on her sleeping spot on the couch and also the wall which is right next to the window. She could very likely be seeing another cat and reacting. She pees on my rugs and I read about them not liking the smell of rubber. Interesting. So tomorrow I'm going to the pet store and getting enzyme cleaner and some citrus spray to spray my rugs. I intend to do some major cleaning while she's gone. Hopefully between the cleaning and her being spayed everything will be ok. I'm just really thankful the other cats didn't join in. So with the information I've gotten Mewpurr gets to keep her happy home and hopefully things will improve if not I've discovered some new tactics to combat the problem. Thank you so much for your help. Joan
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