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So updates...

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Well, Whale and Pippa were constipated. What turds they had were like pelleted concrete. We took them to the vet today; earlier we'd seen a worm on Whale's butt. The vet (who looks remarkably like Reese Witherspoon 40 years later) said they were very constipated and if it went on for too long it would have killed them. So we've got a sugar solution as she said Karo syrup is bad for them. Apparently it doesn't go into the skin, or maybe it DOES, but either way it's different from karo syrup. I'm supposed to give them .1 millilitres a day, and double the dose if they don't get better. Seems weak but eh. Also they have tapeworms, so we're supposed to dose them in 2 weeks. The vet says they look about 2 weeks old. Pippa is 7 ounces, she gained an oz from yesterday, and Whale is 8. But as soon as they poop I'm sure they'll be half that. Um, she also said Pippa is probably a boy - uh oh- and Whale is a girl. Looks like I got the names mixed up. Whale is an ugly name for a girl.
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Oh no! Poor babies. I'm so glad you got them to the vet on time!

So, they were pottying on their own but they were constipated? Poor guys.... Will you have to start helping them? That's just so much fun.

Doesn't if figure they're backwards! We're still not positive about two of ours.

And, I'm easily confused so please forgive me, but weren't they Whale and Piper? They're Whale and Pippa now? And does your signature show them with the names Poppy and Piper? Sorry if you've explained somewhere else and I missed it, or if I'm just flat out missing something! Or are they just Poppy and Pippa because tiny kittens are so hard to sex?

For these darlings to be fully healthy soon!
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Haha, sorry about the confusion. Yes, name changes- Pippa is merely short for Piper, and Whale was renamed Poppy since she was a girl.
They can defecate and pee on their own. But I still stimulate them, as it's not very fun to come home to a kitten with pee all over it's bed and bottom...
Hopefully they get better. No poos this morning. But- the kittens are very lively, so at least they aren't in any visible pain.
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They're on .1 millilitres of Enulose once a day if anyone has any experience. I'm going to go ahead and double the dose as the vet said if they didn't start pooping in 2 days to do that.
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