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Anyone know a good place to get a Fridge and other things

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We need a Washer,Dryer,Fridge and Microwave. Anyone know a good place to get that?
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Are you wanting new or used? Used you can go to craigslist and put it in the "items wanted" section and ask to be sent prices and pics, as well as, scan through what people have already posted. New I would go to HHGregg or somewhere like that and just start pricing.
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We want everything new,
What is HHGregg?
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We bought our washer and dryer from Home Depot. Try all the home improvement stores for pricing (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) you could also check Sears and JC Penny stores. Or check the yellow pages for Appliances. New stuff, how exciting!!
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A new home and new appliances

Its a store. I would just start at a store like that as a point of reference to make sure you are paying a good price for whatever you get. Sears always has good appliances, too.

You can also go to Consumer Reports and find out what appliances have been rated by consumers as good and reliable and good for the price.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
We want everything new,
What is HHGregg?
I don't know what HHGregg is either, but I agree on Craigslist for used appliances.

Since you want new, I'd pick the lesser of two evils (Sears and Best Buy being the two evils) and go with Sears... research everything *carefully*. Make sure it's Energy Star (means lower electric bills), and walk in to the store knowing exactly what you want. Having worked for both places, I can tell you this: Sears is commission-based for big ticket items, while Best Buy is not. But I'd still go for Sears for your stuff, simply because they're going to know more about what they're selling. But research online first. Sears' website should have plenty of details for you. I've sold appliances, through Best Buy, and have a fair idea of what you are going to be in for... (I sold Audio at Sears).

Research everything before walking in to the store, or you'll get led to higher commission items by your sales person. Been there... on both ends.

The smaller mom'n'pop places may not be there for you in the long run. OH yeah, and decide if you want maintenance plans beforehand and stick to your guns.

Know whether you will need gas or electric for your dryer... and if it's electric, know when the house was built and if it's been retrofitted (you'll basically need to know if you need a three prong power cord, or a four prong. Three is older, but the house could've been retrofitted. The 4th prong is an extra ground... good thing... very good)

Any questions? Have fun researching... stick to your budget. Well, know what your budget is first.

Forgot about Refridges: know the height, width and depth of the space it's going. That'll dictate how big you can go. And unless you have to, go no smaller than an 18 cubic foot. Unless all you keep in it is beer and leftover pizza... then a 14 is fine.
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Try some independent stores also. I bought an oven, a cooktop and a microwave today. By buying a group of appiances, they will often give you a contractors discount. The amount varies, but it might let you get a better brand or model for the price you were willing to pay.
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My Mom and Dad get pretty good deals at ABC Warehouse.
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Try Sears, they have excellent appliances.
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i'm renovating my kitchen. today, i bought a stove, over-the-range microwave, kitchen sink & faucet, & bathroom sink & faucet. i'm also having the counters redone in the kitchen & bathroom.
yesterday, my mom & i went to home depot, lowe's & sears to price stuff.
i got all of the stuff today @ home depot. i'm having lowe's come out to measure, etc. for the counter estimate, because they had a $35 charge [applied to the purchase]. home depot wanted the full estimate paid 1st.
lowe's is also coming out on 3 july to measure for a new fence estimate.
i went w/home depot, because they had the best price for the stove i liked. sears was the highest.
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I would check consumer reports out 1st before shopping.
We have a kenmore front loading washer/dryer. Whirlpool makes them to kenmores specs.
For refrigerator do you want side by side, freeze on bottom or top?? As others said know the size of the space you have not only that but how much space available when the doors are open. For microwave will it be on counter or mounted on shelf, above stove etc....
Amana and GE are good brands.
As others said sometimes you can get a better deal if you buy them all at one place.
Find out delivery charge too.
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When I bought mine last year, I researched things thru consumer reports. I ended up buying the Sears Kenmore Elite line. They're energy efficient and were rated within the top brands. Since I had wiggle room for time, I waited until they went on sale. The biggest advice if you can afford the luxery of time: find exactly what you want then wait to buy it when it goes on sale.
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When my wife decided she wanted to replace her washer and dryer, I told her to go look around, decide what she liked, what features she needs, etc., and I'd find the best price.

She chose an LG model. I found them at Home Depot at the best price, plus an additional 10% off. When I asked about delivery, they said a Monday delivery would be fine. I made a check at Lowes, Best Buy, Circuit City, Whirlpool, Sears, Conn's, Fry's, etc.

So, when I went back to Home Depot to do the purchase, they said that they can't deliver on Monday. No Monday, ever. They claimed the salesman had not known what he was talking about. I walked out pretty darn angry. I went to double check at Best Buy, which had the next best price. I mentioned my problem at Home Depot. They matched Home Depot's price, and delivered the next day. Plus I got certificates for $25 in discounts later, which I used to half pay for our new DVD player.

So, if you find the item you like, you need to keep the price, and mention it at Best Buy.
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The only new things we have right now are: stand up freezer from Sears, dish washer from Lowes, and clothes washer from Best Buy.

I LOVE our washer. It's a super capasity and it was really inexpensive. Ryder, by Wirlpool, is AWESOME!
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all of my new appliances are Sears, I will be replacing my washer and dryer soon. they are Kenmore. I have had them 18 years, I will be replacing them with Kenmore, When I bought my fridge stove and dishwasher last year, I bought the last years model they were clearing out. they are brand new you get the warrantee, but they really mark down the price
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Thanks to Everyone,
We will start looking today. One problem is the House dosent have much counter space. The Pics are posted in the House thread if you want to see.
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Lowes, Sears, Pacific Sales

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I'm surprised no one has said this already (maybe for a reason I'm missing!), but if you're looking for new, I always go to the Sears Outlet.

They sell new stuff that's been "damaged". But I've only ever bought things with a few bumps or scratches, and it's like 50% off! If you don't care about a scratch or two, it's perfect! Half of the damage is on the sides or back that you won't ever see, but of course if that's the only damage, it's only about 75% off. They also certify that all things are in working condition, and we've never had any problem with anything. I just like that it's new and cheap!

I'm not sure where you are, but there is one very close to me, and there's bound to be one somewhere by you.

Good luck!
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Lowe's? That is where I went
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We went to Best Buy today and they will match any price and its free delivery.
My Brother works at Sears.
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Thanks for the Advice,
We think we will use Best Buy. We went there yesterday and they will match the prices of anywhere else. They also have free Delivery for anything over 400.
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