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I feel so lost

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I'm not sure where to post this. Chloe and Gus-Gus, two of my 3 bottle kittens were adopted this sunday. I knew right when I took them with me that I wouldn't keep them, that I was just helping them to survive and grow up before I would let them go. But somehow along the way I got so attached to them that I forced myself not to think about the day they would leave. But now they're gone in a loving family and my house feels so empty. Before, it felt like there was too much going around and it was true because my place is not big enough for 5 grown up cats (I already have two of my own). I didn't know it was that hard to let them go. It was my first time fostering. I feel like I lost my babies. And Lily will soon be adopted too so I will have to go through this again.

I just needed to tell it to someone that would understand.
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How wonderful of you to give them a chance at a permanent, loving home!
Think of how you made the family/families happy to get those cute, healthy kittens - all due to you hard work!
You've experienced some precious time with those kittens that no one else will get to experience.
And think about the next cuties you will get to help find a permanent home!
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awww it sounds like it would be a hard thing to go through but just keep in mind how happy your babies are going to be when they do go to this new home as well as how great of a job you did to get them this far in their lives. I'm sure they will never forget you and I hope you never forget them. Hopefully they left a small pawprint on your heart to remember them by
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Awwww You did a really great thing though
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