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Running Sideways

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I just noticed that when Tonks (my 16wk old kitten) runs really fast she gallops kind of sideways with a curve to her body... is this anything to worry about?

Mods sorry if this belongs in health & nutrition, feel free to move it!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!
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It could be intentional, a sort of silly pose/run. But it might be good to ask a vet to see if there's possibly any balance issues.
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I've had several cats do that whan they were young, although Tripod is 6 and still does. I'm no expert, but my guess is they are trying to make themselves look bigger so they can play like they are attacking. Does Tonks fur fluff up when she does it?
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Mine do that sometimes. It's kinda the way they say I wanna PLAY. But they also run regular too.
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I have had several cats do that when they were babies! I think it's so cute! I think they try to make themselves look big .
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Monster used to do that ALL THE TIME when he was a kitten... & he still does it when hes playing. i think its just the cutest thing. and i agree with the others when they say that they probably do that to make themselves look bigger while in "attack mode". although, Monster still does this & he doesnt need to look bigger, since he his already huge!
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I've had several kittens and have never seen one in a full fast run go sideways - it's always during fast walk/jog/hopping. This is why I suggested she mention it to the kitten's vet just in case.
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My kitten of about the same age also does this. It's quite funny when I see her do it.
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That sounds like Hennessy's "playtime run".

Normally he'll run perfectly straight, though, like if something spooks him.
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Like others have said, it's a "play attack" run - trying to look bigger - they arch their backs and position themselves sideways and skitter that way, like a crab!

They're usually poofed up, too.

I've seen lots and lots of kittens and cats do that. I think it's really cute!
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Yeah, she does only do it when she's playing and all poofed up I really do think its cute, just wanted to e sure i souldn't worry about it

Thanks everyone!
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My one pound kitten does this to my 20 pound ragdoll. Yeah like she could scare away that big girl
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From what I have read in kitten books, the halloween kitty stance with the bounce, is an invite to play. Nothing more. Even when poofed up like a cotten ball. Now as they grow much older, the halloween kitty stance, is a warning.
My 2 pennys,
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This sounds like normal kitty playtime behavior. I think it's so cute when they do this!
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Originally Posted by sillyitiliangrl View Post
Yeah, she does only do it when she's playing and all poofed up I really do think its cute, just wanted to e sure i souldn't worry about it

Thanks everyone!
What you're seeing is the "humpy-back big dangerous kitty wants to play" dance!
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Farley is currently doing it to a pigeon outside the door (who could care less) He's running up sideways, then running away

Pigeon is just standing there watching.
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It's normal. All of mine did this when they were babies. They used to run up sideways to Rosie then back again like they were saying "Come on, chase me i dare you!"
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My 4 year old Mamma cat does that all the's so cute.
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I've seen Chloe do this too (she's 10 months old), though more so when she was a kitten.
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This is my favourite all-time kitten move Pants still does it on occasion when he's played. It's the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.
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