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How Much Taller?

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I am 6'1" and when hubby measured the sunflowers this evening, he said that they are about 9'. I am hoping that the grow another foot or two so I can enter them in the fair. I started them from seed bought from the Burpee catalog. Does anyone know anything about sunflowers that they can share?
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Mine were way taller then that.
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I don't know anything about them except that mine are only a few inches tall right now!
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I grow lots of sunflowers!! Mine can grow 9-10 ft. What cultivar I think the one with the big heads is eek-I have to check ......Giant Grey Stripe!!!

To get a big sunflower head make sure there are no other seedheads forming to direct energy into this one. I entered one a couple years ago in local contest but I think it was 3rd its was like 17 inches??
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My sunflowers were over 9' tall.
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Well, I still have about 1.5 months until the fair, so I really hope to achieve 10 or 11ft. There are two contests - one for the largest seed head, one for the tallest sunflower stalk.
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Lots of water and lots of fertilizer (weekly!!) Like triple 10 or triple 20 for instance!!
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I have been feeding them every other week - I don't want to burn them. The get water every day.
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Holy CRAP! Those are big flowers! I knew they were supposed to be big, but that's flippin' huge! Over nine feet?!

Heh. Maybe I should plant a bunch along the short fence in the backyard so I can finally lay out in the sun nekkid.

ETA: Okay, that was probably way too much info for y'all.
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Those are tall
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That's pretty cool.
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