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Oral herpes in cats

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My cat Sophie has oral herpes, as diagnosed at her last vet check-up and A LOT made sense when we found this out.

He chews on anything chewy until his gums bleed.

The vet recommended crushing up L-Lysine and putting it in his food, and that worked for about two weeks and now he is fooled no longer and won't eat any food I put the L-Lysine in. He's a very picky eater to begin with and doesn't always eat when it's time to eat.

I need advice on what to do to help with this problem. Sophie is feisty and cranky all the time in general, I can't imagine his gums being sore all the time helping the situation!!!!
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my Pixel has herpes [not oral]. i put powdered L-lysine in her water fountain. i also switched to a dry kibble that has lysine in it [Royal Canin special 33]. she won't eat wet, but i add it to the homemade wet i make anyway - figure it won't hurt the wet eaters.
btw - you can get a powder online, or get capsules in health food/drug stores - much easier than crushing & mixes more easily.
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Vets also sell some in a tube that is more like a jelly. The cats still don't like it, but it may be easier to give to your kitty.
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Agreed with the above. Try different lysine. I think it's probably too noticeable when it's crushed. Also, powdered lysine has a different substrate (filler) which has little or no taste. You can even buy lysine as 100% pure free-form powder, which you can just spoon out of the bottle. Very easy to use, once you've figured out how much powder is one dose. Check with your local health-food stores.
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