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Tips on leash training?

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Hey all!
I've been slowly training my cats to walk around on leashes out doors! Do you have any tips? Trin hates putting it on, but still walks with it, and Toby just put his on for the first time yesterday.

Also, when taking them for walks, what do you do to deal with dogs? My cats are terrified of them.
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Good work! harness training kitties can be a lot of fun! both of mine are harness trained. My siamese LOVES it. He sits by the door when I get home and meows waiting to go for his walk! However he is very afriad of the road (i don't mind at all) and I only walk him in grassy areas by my apartment, if I am going to take him on the road I strap him into a basket on my bike, he is more confident. It might be hard to get them walking on the road, if your cat freaks out they can get out of almost any harness, so be careful.

Kismet did not take to it so quickly. She hated having it on in the apartment, I got to the point with her where I have to carry her outside because she won't walk with it inside, but outside she will! You just have to take it really slowly and let the cats find their comfort zone. Maybe for your cat that doesn't like having it on, leave it on when you are home with them and doing other things, sometimes they just have to get used to the feeling around their belly! goodluck!
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They don't walk like dogs though, right? Do they ever get to the point where they will follow your direction, or do you just have to follow them around wherever they lead? =D
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Cello will follow me with a little tug, but he doesn't walk 'like a dog', much slower and more deliberate Kismet I just kind of follow around
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Roxy is leash trained. She definitely does not walk on it like a dog but will go in whatever direction I want when I tug at her(most of the time! lol). When I see a dog or car or something coming that might frighten her I usually just pick her up and hold her until it is gone. The more they wear the harness the more they get used to it! I put Roxy's on a good bit before a walk b/c even though we have gone on walks for years she still takes a while to get used to it, lol! Try just keeping it on in the house for a bit so she gets used to the feel.

Usually she lets me know when she is ready to go home...she turns around in the direction of the house and just starts running! So there I am running down the road with a cat on a leash leading me! she doesn't stop until she gets to the door, lol!
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For Jack he had the hardest time getting used to the leash attached to the harness. Now he does pretty good, we haven't braved going outside but we have gone to Petsmart and he did great there--everyone was super impressed to see a cat walking on a leash around the store!

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