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Two boxes. how far apart?

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I was reading through this forum yesterday and I came across a couple threads about cats needing their boxes in different locations. This surprised me.

Last night I moved one box. I've got a spare bedroom and I've 'donated' it to the cats (i have 2). I put one box in the bathroom (it's the bedroom's bathroom and I don't use it or have it decorated). I moved the other to the closet (closet is actually bigger than bathroom. it's a walk-in). The bathroom is only about 15 feet from the closet against the same wall. Is this enough separation? I don't have a big condo here, but I did put one more box in the laundry room which is in the back of the apartment.

Also, I noticed that even though I separated the boxes both cats are using both boxes. These two cats are VERY close. They're brother and sister and have had the run of the place since I got them (about 5 months ago). To date I have never seen them fight other than playing, and they sleep with each other (not that way ). They are pretty much glued to each other 24/7

I wish I'd have read this forum before going to the store the other day. I bought two large covered litterboxes. I didn't even notice they're just barely big enough to turn around in. I removed the lids since you said they're a bad idea. I thought they would be ok since they have carbon filters in the top, and I empty them daily (they're the sifting kind of box). But I removed the lids to just make them open.
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I normally do not recommend putting cat boxes in closets, laundry rooms or bathrooms because cats can feel cornered in those locations. It also isn't a good idea to move cat boxes around. Cats need consistency, and when changing a location, the original box should stay in the original place while a new box is added in the new location. After the new box is being used, the original one can be removed.
For two cats, you should have 3 litter boxes, in different locations. Again, I recommend the large 66 qt. Sterlite Clearview storage containers...
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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