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Pic alert!

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I have to admit, this place is addictive like everyone says. I find myself coming back many times a day, and I really love to find posts with pictures in them!

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pics of "Kitty"..enjoy!

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Sooo pretty, I love the marbled tabbies. Asim is one, but he's brown.
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What a beautiful cat! I haven't seen many cats with those markings. He/she is gorgeous, though.
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He is an American Shorthair, I think technically a Silver Blue Tabby if I remember his official designation correctly. The interesting thing is that he (as all American Shorthairs I guess) has a perfectly symmetrical large bullseye pattern on each of his sides. You can't really see it in those pics.
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Are you sure he's an American shorthair?
He just looks like a silver tabby to me. Perhaps you were thinking of Domestic Shorthair? American shorthairs look different structure wise sometimes, but the fur patterns are the same.

American Shorthairs:

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Um, NO, I wasn't thinking of a Domestic Shorthair. I'm absolutely certain that he is an American Shorthair, but thanks for your concern.

Update: I pulled out his papers so I don't misquote,

"Male, American Shorthair, Blue Silver Classic Tabby"

His mother was a blue silver classic tabby American Shorthair and his father was a silver classic tabby American shorthair.

I found this pic on another website, this is a BROWN classic tabby, but this is a very close match to his pattern with the Bullseye, etc.

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Very beautyful!
I want to send a photo of my girlies, I just don´t know how. I will when I find out!
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Kitty is adorable! I love his markings and his big, bright eyes.
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He is a beautiful American Shorthair! Those markings are stunning! You have a good eye behind that camera.
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He is beautiful. I want an American Shorthair silver real bad.I just love their round faces. I think the one in the Stuart Little movies is so cute.
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Cute!!! I use to have a Kitty too...she was put down at 13 years old.she was a himalayian(sp?)
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he is very beautful!
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Amy - What a beautiful Kitty.....

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I love marbles tabbies too! How old is he Amy?
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Thanks for the compliments! He just is 1 year, 5 months old.
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Wow! What intense eyes. He's beautiful, and he looks so inteligent.
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what an amazing looking kitty!!!
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