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The soccer addiction

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We just had a young couple with 7 month old baby in tow stop here at the park.
They were spending two months in the US, traveling the country in an RV.

They are from Germany, and speak impeccable English I might add, too bad more Americans can't (or don't ).

This is a private RV resort, we can't really let anyone use anything for free unless they are members, but their only request was to stop for an hour or two to use our internet connection to watch the game (Euro Championship), Germany vs Turkey.
My parents (the managers on duty today) told them sure, go ahead

Well, they parked behind my parents' RV (they are the ones with the internet), and I did them one better.
I found the game on satellite in the park Rec room on the 30 inch TV in the air conditioning.

My stepdad went and informed them they we found the game on TV and they should bring the baby down into the cool to watch it with much better reception.

They were thrilled

They can now go back to Germany and tell people that not all Americans are bad.
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That was very nice of you!
We have been planning events around the games, when we can. My daughter delayed coming home and then delayed going back to school so she could watch the games. We have watch parties.
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Thanks for sharing a nice story about 2 nice families!
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