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The world's oldest breed of dog

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is a Basenji. I have had three of them. They are from the Congo and used to hunt lions because they have absolutely no odor whatsoever and lions cannot smell them. They also sit around the house constantly grooming theirselves, just like a cat. But what they are most known for is that they never, and cannot bark.

This is Congo, he lived with me for 15 years before crossing the bridge. This is his portrait pose.
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Oh, what a sweet face. Congo was just adorable!

I've heard of them before. Well, at least I've heard of a dog with no scent and couldn't bark, and I didn't know what breed they were. Now I can answer a that question on Jeopardy!
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Wow I never knew that! Congo's such a cutie, and very interesting ancestry too
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That's really neat! I never knew all that about them! We were thinking of getting one as our next dog, but haven't decided yet!
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He was a cutie .I have been privalged to know a few . they are great dogs but the oldest distiction likely is incorrect
Q: What is the oldest breed of dog?

A: This is a complicated question, but there are helpful clues. It appears that two semi-domestic dogs -- the Dingo of Australia and the New Guinea Singing Dog -- are considered the last existing representatives of early dogs developed in southern Asia. These dogs are thought to have traveled with their human companions all the way to Australia and New Guinea.

Another candidate is the Basenji, whose ancestor is also thought to have developed in southern Asia; it then moved with people into Africa, starting in Egypt. [See below for new confirmation from the latest dog genetic research]. The Canaan Dog of Israel traces to ancient pariah dog stock of the Middle East.

One influential new theory is that dogs were first domesticated in East Asia, possibly China, and the first peoples to enter North America took dogs with them from Asia. Now, new genetic research published in May 2004 has identified 14 ancient dog breeds, with the oldest being the Chow Chow, Shar Pei, Akita, Shiba Inu and Basenji. Because many of the 14 breeds are associated with China and Japan, the theory that the dog originated in Asia seems to be likely.

Enjoy this Guide to Ancient Breeds and learn about all 14. as you can see no one agree
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They don't bark, but they can sure SCREAM and make other weird noises when they want to!
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Originally Posted by Sweet72947 View Post
They don't bark, but they can sure SCREAM and make other weird noises when they want to!
My wife had a Basenji when we first got married. Beautiful dog named Jesabell. While its true that she didn't bark she would make some of the strangest noises that I have ever heard come out of a dog.
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I love the breed.Beautiful dogs.
I am abig fan of sighthounds.However the basenji is NOT a breed for me.
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Basenji's are wonderful dogs. I had one as a foster dog several years ago. I had him for a few months before he found his forever home. I really loved his personality and his vocalizations were so neat! I wouldn't hesitate to have another someday!
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