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Hi, I'm new here. I know most things about dogs and puppies but nothing about tiny kittens.

Our cat who is 14 mths old gave birth to three adorable kittens last week. They are nine days today. Everything went very well and they are growing wel and feeding well.

She was indoor cat who was not spade due to a serious heart defect. However whilst we were away one weekend our son forgot to log the cattery and she went walkabouts.

Now, I need to know when to start feeding them solid food and what food I should give. Also when do they start to leave solid stools that need clearing up as we have seen none at all. She has a lovely big enclosed bed that we made her.

Should I get a crate for when they are active?

Sorry for the questions but I really want to be prepared.

With regards

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I have a Cat that could not be fixed either and she had kittens at age 10 because she had to stay a my Dads for awhile and they I had a unfixed Male and had her in the room with her. That was her only litter and she is 16 now.
Here is some info for you.
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Well the mother cat should be on high quality kitten food ever since you first found out she was pregnant. So whatever you are feeding her, the kittens will follow along when they are ready. Remember though that they may start to eat solids but they need to remain with mom until they are 10-12 weeks at least. She has a lot of things to teach them! Also she stimulates them to go to the bathroom so she also "cleans up" afterwards if you get my drift. Keep a shallow litterbox nearby and the mom will also show the babies how to use it when they are ready. With the mom present, you really have very little you need to do!
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