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Has Anyone Had This?

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I've got a headache right over my right eye and nothing I can do gets rid of it. I've tried aspirin, turning my ceiling fan off, and doing neck exercises which usually gets rid of my headaches. Any other suggestions? It's driving me nuts!
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Heating pad? Face down on it, with your nose and mouth uncovered, for 20 minutes.
If it is sinus, which it may be from the location, a hot shower for more moisture. Also, you can get an over-the-counter nasal spray that is salta water - you can use it as often as you want.
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try the steam or heating pad

But also take a nap I find it helps
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I will sometimes get a pain above my right eye if I am tired, normally having a nap for at least an hour or so cures mine.

Another thing you could try if you had any, is some aloe vera cream/spray and place it at the top of your spine, right on the bump or just above it. It is also handy for those of you out there who suffer with migraines!

I discovered the other day during my shift at the hospital, that one of their staff members tried this and it worked. Basically she told me that migraines actually begin at the base of your neck, but you get the pain elsewhere in the head region, i.e. the eyes and across the forehead. She was asked to try this new therapy (the aloe vera at the top of the spine) and it worked for her.

Just a little something that may help! If it doesn't you can all complain to me!
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If it is over your eye, I am thinking it might be a sinus type head ache? I get those.
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I get pain in the same location (sometimes above both eyes) with eye strain. I work at home from the computer and if I don't wear my glasses, am in the wrong lighting, or have been staring at the computer for too long, my eyes get angry with me. Just a thought. I hope you find out what's causing it so you can get it to go away.
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I get that and sometimes it is Sinus and other times it turnes into a Migraine. Most of the times those Meds will not work for it.
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Thanks to all who responded. What I did, since I couldn't find the heating pad, was put a piece of cotton in my right ear and sleep on my right side and took a four hour nap! . And now the headache is just a dull ache that I hope will be gone soon.
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I'm going to agree that it's probably your eyes. I have dry eye, which when it gets really bad nothing will help the headache it causes.
You may consider getting your eyes checked, limiting your time under bright lights, and computer use.

As for all migraines being out of the base of the neck... was it a neurologist or migraine specialist that told you this DeeDeeMay? While yes, some can come out of the neck, that won't be the case for everyone. One theory as to what causes migraines is vasoconstriction - this is what produces the neurological symptoms. The following dilation causes the pain. There's a couple of other theories as well, and neither have to do with the neck.
Also remember, those with recurring migraines are at a higher risk for stroke - something that wouldn't make sense if it was just a neck issue.
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Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids as being dehydrated can cause headaches too.
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what works [& used to work] for my headaches [i get all kinds - tension, migraine & sinus]...
nowadays, i use acetominophen rapid release - if that doesn't work, i try Darvorcet [script, btw]. if it's a migraine, & those 2 don't work, i try Imitrex [script - i use injections].
prior to my surgery, when i could still use NSAIDS, i used a combo of Exedrin [aspirin, acetominophen & caffeine], ibuprofen & ketoprofen [Orudis KT]. so, depending on your weight - 1 or 2 of each. the combo seemed to help even when just one of them would not.
heat sometimes helps mine - taking a hot bath & soaking my head. cold seems to help more - i keep a seed-filled fabric tube in my freezer [inside of a baggie]. if i need it, it's COLD!
there are acupressure points that help w/pain, but they're kinda hard to describe in words - works better if i can show you [or you can see a pic] but i can't.
sleep can sometimes help - but i often wake up mornings w/a headache, so not always. up side - when asleep, i can't feel the pain!
glad to hear yours is better - all of this is for future reference!
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hope they pain went away fully I know I hate when I get a sinus headache and taking a nap always works for me!
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
I've got a headache right over my right eye and nothing I can do gets rid of it. I've tried aspirin, turning my ceiling fan off, and doing neck exercises which usually gets rid of my headaches. Any other suggestions? It's driving me nuts!
Again, one of shots into left field...have you cut back on your caffeine intake lately?
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Nope, in fact, I think I've increased my caffeine intake in the past few days.
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Try a very hot shower, let the water hit your head as long as you can. Then I use ice when I get out.
Just an idea,
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