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Phew! What a morning...

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Just had one pretty amusing morning with one of my new Home Care clients', here is how it went:

8:00am - Arrived at the home to be greeted by his son, and two barking dogs..

8:20am - Started preparing essentials needed for bathing, dressing etc...followed around bathroom by one of the dogs...

8:30am - Wake up gentleman ready to be washed, dressed etc..

9:10am - Personal care finished now, so wheel him out in his chair to the breakfast table..his wife comes downstairs shortly after and sits at the table too..

9:15am - Whilst preparing the breakfast, I look at the packet with the croissants in, and notice green fur Inform his wife that they are off, and shall I bin them "No" she says "Chuck them out for the birds"
May have poorly birds in her garden later......

10:00am - His wife comes into the kitchen and asks me can I walk one of her dogs for her, I agree, but only a short walk (since when was 'pet sitter' one of my job roles?)

10:25am - After much chasing around and persuasion, dog is now attached to leash and walking can commence...

10:50am - Return back to clients home with puffed out dog. Client asks me to wheel him out into conservatory to watch the birds in the garden.

11:00am - Washing in the machine has now finished, and I hang that out to dry (she asked me if I wouldn't mind doing one extra chore before leaving)

11:20am - Can now sit down for a while with gentleman and his wife in the conservatory. Get up after a few minutes to make him a hot water bottle for his back. We sit and have a good chat and stroke the dogs, one of them is still growling at me...must be the smell of my dog on my trousers or something

12:00pm - Time to go home, or is it? The carer taking over from me still hasn't arrived yet. Phone office and ask...

12:30pm - Hooray! Other carer has arrived now....half an hour too late, and I am not happy. Anyways, off home now!

Thought I would fill you guys in on my busy morning, and another one ahead tomorrow, thank goodness I'm at the Hospital instead! Prefer my shifts there, not so manic.....
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aww you poor woman the guys wife sounds kinda like a pain in the butt

I have to admit at least you kept a smile on most people would be grumpy about it (me included )
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My goodness, that is a busy morning! I cant even imagine getting that much done that early, lol
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