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Yellow Ribbon Ban

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I just got this from Yahoo News. I'm shocked how the Mayor of this town is banning yellow ribbons because of a law that was passed years ago. I just don't agree with his decision...there has to be exceptions to the rule. I bet if his son or daughter were fighting in the Middle East he'd have the biggest yellow ribbon hanging from his door!

Yellow Ribbon Ban Inflames N.J. Town
Thu Apr 3, 7:40 AM ET Add U.S. National - AP to My Yahoo!

By ANGELA DELLI SANTI, Associated Press Writer

FIELDSBORO, N.J. - Yellow ribbons and all other private displays have been banned from public property here, a decision that has drawn criticism from residents and business owners who want to show their support for American troops fighting in Iraq.

The Fieldsboro Borough Council approved the ban last month. Mayor Edward "Buddy" Tyler said it does not prohibit residents from placing memorials on their own property.

A candlelight vigil protesting the decision has been planned for Thursday and a protest was scheduled for Saturday. The town's sole police officer has called state police for help policing the expected crowds.

Meanwhile, the mayor appears to be backing down.

Tyler defended the ban Wednesday, but said people could get permission before tacking up troop-supporting ribbons. If such symbols don't pose a safety hazard and aren't aesthetically objectionable, he said he would allow them.

The ban was intended to keep public property free of political messages. Backers said they passed the law to ensure controversial symbols, such as Confederate or Nazi flags, didn't appear on public property in the town of 522 residents.

The backlash against the ribbon ban is evident nearly everywhere in town. A local radio station placed a bouquet of yellow ribbons on the "Welcome to Fieldsboro" sign last week.

Yellow ribbons are affixed to the chain-link fence on the Little League field directly across from the mayor's house. The stop sign at the end of the mayor's street is adorned with a ribbon, as is the street sign at the intersection closest to his home.
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Dumb, dumb dumb. Is it going to turn into another flag pulling like after 9/11. All these company's not wanting to display the American flag out of fear of offending workers or customers from other nationalities. Fricken whatever.
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We've got a similar fuss, here. On the west side of town, is a mountain, featuring a 160-ft. "A". The University of Arizona put it there, in 1916. Traditionally, it is white. After 9/11, it was painted red, white and blue (those are, also the UA colors). A few weeks ago, pranksters painted it green, for St. patrick's Day.

Last week, an anti-war group painted it black, to great outrage. The city spent $3500, to repaint it white. The next day, a group of citizens, including 4 City Council members, painted it red, white and blue, again. Technically, this constitutes criminal damage, although no one has been cited.

The mayor wants it painted white, so as not to "offend" anyone or make a political statement. The majority of the citizens want it left as is. A special, emergency Council meeting was called, last Sunday, to decide, once and for all, what color(s) to leave it. Due the absence, of one member, the vote was a tie and no action has been taken.

Talk about a tempest, in a teapot! Personally, I doubt that too many people are offended, by the tri-color paint job. It had been that way, for 18 months, without any complaint.

The road, up the mountain is closed, at 10:00 p.m. and the police are stepping up patrols. Hopefully, this will die a natural death.
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Sheesh. People can be so ridiculous! We live in America, why is it politically incorrect to display the national colors?!? It's like, "It's your freakin' country people!" Good grief.
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Hey, it gets worse!

One apartment complex in Golden, Colorado has told their residents that they cannot fly ANY flag in their windows or on their balconies. Yes, that includes the American red, white & blue.

Apparently some of the residents were hanging flags from other countries in their windows. Who knows why. Who cares really. The Management decided that no one can fly any flag so no one can be offended.

Come on, people! This IS America, and we DO have Freedom of Expression.
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I have no stories to share myself, but wow... talk about ridiculous. What's come over these people???
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Here's one...

Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers are being threatened with disciplinary action for showing support by wearing pins with a yellow ribbon and two, crossed American flags. The reasoning is it violates the "uniform standard".

From what I understand, the officers reply was (paraphrased), "Yeah, whatever..."
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This infuriates me!

I have flags and yellow ribbons outside of my house. You couldn't force me to take them down, I have every right to express my support for the troops. I pay taxes here, and I intend to put whatever I want to on my property.

This kind of anti-patriotism really angers me.
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We have the flag and yellow ribbons on our balcony, but Earl almost got into a fight with the manager about it. She's just anal about how she wants "her" complex to look (she doesn't even live here!). I don't know why, but Earl actually asked about flying flags, to which she responded that "the lease says plainly that you cannot fly flags." There's a place within sight of the office flying their flag so he asked about that one. "Well, I guess if it's done tastefully." Can you tell me how you fly a flag distastefully???

She also shot him a really dirty look when he told her "I am a veteran, I have a right to fly my flag." What a wench!
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It looks as though Tucson's "A" furor will be solved. City Hall has been flooded with e-mails and phone calls. The people have spoken: Keep the "A" red, white and blue!

There will be yet another Council meeting, on Monday and, so far, 4 of the 7 members say that they will vote for the tricolor.
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Hmmm I wonder if next we wont be allowed to fly those flags outside of our car windows, or put an americanish sticker on our car.
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There are flags flying on the front of the house, from my car antenna and I have a pin, for my collar. There is also a flag window cling, on my picture window.

MY house, MY car, MY shirt - don't mess with them!
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I agree...We have the right to express how we feel! We are Americans for God's sake and we should be proud to fly our flags, hang yellow ribbon and support our troops. What is the point of having freedom in this country, when people are telling us if and when we can be patriotic!
This just my opinion, but if someone doesn't like seeing our American flags and other patriotic items...then they are living in the wrong country. There are other Countries that do the same thing as we all do and they don't have problems...I just don't understand some peoples thought process. Everyone has to be "politically correct"....
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