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Going Crazy

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I'm reaching my wits end here, and I could use some help...

Our 8 cats (3 adults, 5 kittens) are currently confined to our bedroom, thanks to our landlord who doesn't like cats. I understand this is frustrating for our cats, but there has to be something I can do to calm them down, my boyfriend and I aren't getting any sleep. We currently have a large dog cage in the room, which Shinobi and her kittens sleep in. The other two adults are left out and they're the ones causing the real trouble, racing around the room, fighting, and jumping on us during the night. Several times I've been scratched in the face because one of them decides to use me as some kind of landing/launch pad.

We have tried playing with them to wear them out before bedtime and it works temporarily, but by 5-6 in the morning, they're back at it.
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While it may not help completely, you might invest in some treat balls (since they are confined, you probably won't need as many as I do--my boys tend to lose them). In the wild, cats spend a large chunk of their time hunting. Putting their dry food in a treat ball can help entertain them and simulate the hunting experience to some degree. I've personally found that feeding both canned and dry before bed helps (usually--Odo still wakes me, but he's a bit dotty anyway) as they remain more satiated. A really heavy play session, lasting at least 10-15 minutes, just before bed may help too though it sounds like you are already doing that.
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