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Splends in an e-collar

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So our kitty cat Splenda just had sergery for hematoma on her ear and she is stuck in n e-collar for the next 3 weeks.
We can't seem to figure out the best way to set up her food nd wnter for she can access them.
Dose nyone have any suggestions. The food we have in a funnel proped up in a jar for the collar can go around it. The but water is a little more difficult.
any suggestions are appreciated =)


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When Oliver was in an E collar for a foot laceration, he hated it! haha he was soooooo pathetic in it. Well I would give him breaks from it throughout the day, I'd take it off but then I would watch him like a hawk - I'd keep him confined to a room or two and like follow him around... if he even looked like he was going for his foot I'd stop him... but the breaks allowed him time to eat and drink freely and use the litter without being angry about it haha (I had taken the top off his covered box but he's a big digger and was not happy about going potty with the collar on, but he would do it).... Oliver is usually free-fed his kibble, but I would make sure his food and water were like right in front of him when I took off the collar and he always ate then... he only had to wear it for 10 days so it wasn't too bad
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Thanks Buz, I will take the into consideration and see what I can do.

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No problem, even if you take it off just during her scheduled feeding times so she can eat comfortably (I wasn't working when Oliver wore his, so I could give him breaks throughout the day)... Ollie really loved his break time from the E collar
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That would be my suggestion too. When Lucy had her bladder surgery, she was stuck in an e-collar. I would allow her to be without it for short supervised periods of time, though I did have a problem keeping her from escaping it when she was wearing it.
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Those collars are never really comfortable but they are necessary.

If it is one of the plastic collars and it sticks way out, you can cut it back a little around the ends, as long as she can't reach the wound with her mouth.

I did that with Sadie when she had surgery...
it made a difference in her comfort.

Here is a link to Sadie and lots of other TCS kitties in their fashionable e-collars.
If you have one, add Splenda's photo in her collar to the thread.

Sending Splenda healing vibes for a quick, easy recovery.
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Hissy posted a link to a different kind of e-collar - makes eating/drinking easier: foam e-collar
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
Hissy posted a link to a different kind of e-collar - makes eating/drinking easier: foam e-collar
That is a real innovation in collars.
What a difference.
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It is deffinatly somthing to consider. Thanks for posting =)
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My 2 girls had e-collars, I would walk in the room & Piglet would be sitting next to her e-collar. Looking at me like " Do you really think"?
So when I could supervise I took them off. I also slept in my spare room with them at night so they were not lonesome.
I am going to go check out the link given in the other post.
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