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Weight Question + Pictures

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I have a weight question I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out with.

Mango turned one year old a couple of weeks back. He was neutered at the age of 5 months, so didn't develop the masculine "sexual" features such as wider face, stockier body, etc. As a result (and probably genes, too), he's quite a lanky cat. He is very long and to me, skinny.

I know that dogs usually look awkward at about one year old, too, and slowly grow out of it. Do cats go through the same phase? My dog looked quite lanky and skinny as well when she was one. She did slowly grow out of that lanky look. I'm wondering if this is permanent for Mango or not.

Secondly, I'm used to seeing chubbier cats. So when I look at him, he looks thin to me. Maybe he is, as he's not a big eater, but here are some more recent pictures for you to judge.

Is he at an okay weight or is he a bit on the thin side?

He is super active yet can't eat a lot per sitting, so I feed him three times a day instead of two. He gets 3oz wet food, 1/3 cup kibbles, and about 50 grams of raw food every day. What do you think? Feed more or continue with the amount now.. ?

Thanks in advance!
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He looks great, about perfect weight from where I'm sitting. Lovely pics. As i said in another post, listen to your cat. Is he constantly begging you for more food? Does he seem satisfied with the quantities? Listen to HIM before you listen to US. We're not there with you. We're not him. He looks fine. If he behaves fine as well then there is no issue. Consult a VET for a professional opinion. :-)
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He looks really good to me, a little on the lean side, but I would say very healthy. You should see a defined waist and be able to feel his ribs when you run your hands along his side.

Looks to me like a beautiful, healthy boy to me. If he's eating regularly and using the litterbox I'd say you have no problem there.
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He looks healthy. It's quite possible that he will fill out more as he ages, too. When I got Zek, he was a skinny boy at 10 pounds (he is very long). Now he is at least 13.5 pounds and looks more filled out.
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He's a very handsome boy, and looks fine to me. I have 5 boys that were nuetered and they stayed kind of lanky way up until they were about 2 years.
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He is so handsome.

My cats didnt fill out until over a year old. My cat Laura use to be thin just like Mango but around 2 she started spreading out. Now at 5 she kind of spread out too much
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He looks like a young guy in perfect condition.
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Yeah, you can tell he is a young cat, but he looks great. Cats also seem to go through a slightly awkward phase before they fill out a bit - not fatten up necessarily, but just fill out. In fact, your boy looks about the same sort of size as our Steve. Slim, but not underweight (our cats are about 10 months). We actually free-feed dry to our cats because I have the same concerns as you. Neither of our other two cats are over-eaters, so it hasn't been an issue, but little Steve prefers to eat a bunch of small meals over the day rather than eating in all one sitting (I think that is probably because during their 'wet' dinner, the other two tend to finish first and then move in to eat his food). Our vet said that all three of our cats are fine for their body types - Steve is a slim, lanky tabby, Conor is a tiny little girl and Paddington is going to be a monster.

Love the photos!
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I agree he looks normal for a one-year old. My cat definitely filled out between 1-2 years- he gained muscle and his face became broader and more "grown up" looking.
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He is a lovely looking boy! One of boys never really filled out and is still long and slim and he is now 13 the other one didnt fill out until last year when he was 8 and he is really muscly and stocky now, if your boy is happy and healthy you dont have anything to worry about
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I'm certainly not a vet, but he looks so healthy to me. His coat is beautiful!
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He looks fine to me. Some types of Cats are thin.
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He looks like he is at a healthy weight. I think that we're all very used to seeing larger cats, so we think they should be more filled out. As someone else already said, he should have a defined waist, meaning the waistline should tuck in before the hip bones when you look at him from above. You should be able to feel ribs while petting, and there should be no thickening at the base of the tail. I, too, have a cat that looks great to me but the vet says he should lose a pound or two.
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First of all let me say he looks exactly like my Amadeus with his coloring except my guy has a white belly. Your guy is so handsome!!!

He looks healthy to me, but you can just feel his sides gently and see how palpable his ribs are. You don't want them poking out but if you can feel them a tiny bit through his skin he should be fine. But if he does seem hungrier, feed him a little more. Sounds like you have it under control, thanks for posting here!
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