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Angels baby is almost 5 weeks!

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I have to get some new pictures either tonight or tomorrow. he is sooooooo big and too cute! he runs and plays and loves to attack my bed. hahaa not sure why he loves the sides but he runs up and down attacking them. he is eating and drinking on his own now and of course still nurses. I haven't weighed him since Sun but on Sun when he was 1 mo. 1 day he was 1lb 4 oz! friday he was 17-18 oz. so i am sure he is about 1lb 6-7oz now! LOL such a big boy. his spot is still there and looks more "dirty" than cream now but is still really light most times, other times it seems to show up more. that is the only marking he has on his white body. and he still has his blue eyes when do they change? or maybe he will keep the blue eyes?

I have brought him out of the room a few times to explore with supervision and he hisses at my dogs. hahaa (they are locked up when he is out for now) and he puffs all up. it is too funny! my rottie cries and cries the whole time he is out and just LOVES him! if I bring him over to her she gives him kisses through the gate while he hisses at her it is sooooooo cute! Funny since my rottie STILL has not taken to the puppy!!! UGH yet she loves this little tiny kitten.

oh and he has been in the litter box a few times but I haven't seen him use it yet. I was going to get a low sided pan for him but then saw him in the reg. litter box! but may still get a pan JIC and to give him another area to use if need be. Will update with pictures soon.
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found this online: A kitten's eyes change to their permanent color at 12 weeks of age.
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I can't answer any of your questions because I have never raised tiny kittens, but I want to see pics!!!!
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I wonder if he will loose that spot on his head. I say that because Sampson had a spot until he was almost 4 months old and then one day it was gone. He's all white with one blue eye and one green eye.
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not sure if he will loose the spot. he got it around 2 weeks old it just appeared and has gotten a bit darker. his dad was all white with a grey spot/stripe on his head. so guessing it will be there to stay. LOL

promise I will take pictures today. my reg. computer has a nasty virus so I am on my laptop and have never uploaded pictures from this but will do my best.
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I am looking forward to pics!! I love that little guy!!
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ok here are a TON of pictures I took tonight. He was charging around like a wild boy so hard to get a really good one. hehee (the silver persian is my cat pounce. as you can tell he is NOT thrilled with the baby but just sniffs him then hisses. LOL)

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trying to upload a short video now but it is taking forever!

Oh and my hubby told me tonight that he is starting to waver on his "NOT KEEPING HIM" stand...... mainly for the kids and also for me. he does NOT want another cat so I will not push him. I told him of course we will all be sad but we will get over it. I want him to be ok with it if we do keep him. but until then I am still in search of a GREAT home for him and I would love it near by or with someone that I know so I can keep up to date with him. But so far the only one that may be interested is the lady we got angel from since Angels mom passed away a day or so before the kitten was born. But she had angels mom as an indoor/outdoor kitty and I would really like him to be an indoor kitty since we have cyotes in the wood around us and they are on a private street off my street that is surrounded by all woods! eeks too scarey to think of what would happen if he was an outdoor kitty there...... so we will see if he has to leave if she agrees to have him as an indoor ONLY kitty if not he won't be going there.

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WHERE WAS THE CUTENESS WARNING!!! [died from the cuteness 'cause there was no warning! ]
btw, that video was ADORABLE!
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He is SO cute! Oh, I want to snuggle him so badly. I loved the video! What a darling.
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I LOVE that little guy!!!

He is so adorable. I hope you get to keep him!!! If not I would be taking Resumes on that little guy for a perfect home!!!!! He is such a special little man!!!
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AWWWWWWW thanks everyone! and don't worry if I can't keep him I will make sure he has the PERFECT home or he is NOT going anywhere! LOL I am guessing most likely we won't keep him sincey hubby asked me to be honest about it. so I told him that I would LOVE to keep him and yes it will kill me to give him up but I WILL get over it. we do have to think of vet costs so I go back and forth........ But I know i am going to be soooooooo upset.

it was so cute when I went to bed last night he was on the bed sleeping so I scooped him up and he sort of woke up but I just snuggled him in and rubbed his head and he fell back to sleep on me. if it wasn't so late I would have laid there holding him for hours. but I put him back and laid him down next to Angel and they snuggled up. wish I had my camera! it was too cute. I love when I open my door and he comes RUNNING over to see me from wherever he is. makes my heart go pitter patter.
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He his a handsome little fella isn't he.
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Aww the video is too cute!
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Originally Posted by mountaindew View Post
I love when I open my door and he comes RUNNING over to see me from wherever he is. makes my heart go pitter patter.
Isn't that just the most heart melting thing ever??

He's completely adorable, and growing up so well! You all are obviously taking very good care of him.

He's just a little fluff ball and I just want to give him a big hug!!!
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What a darling is tooooooooooo cute!!
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Oh I would not be able to part with him. He is one super little guy. If I wasn't already overrun with 6 I would want him. He has loads of personality and he is so cute it is really too much cuteness without proper warning.
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OMG.... be still my heart... a little white kitten with what looks like an orange spot on his head!!! I wouldn't be able to give him up either!!

BTW - is the orange and white cat his momma? She's a beauty!! So cute, letting him use her tail as a toy!
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Ohhh he is so cuuute! All white too. So pretty.

I hope you guys will keep him. He is so special.
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yes the orange and white one is Angel and she is his mommy and does such a GREAT job!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG my hubby told me this weekend we can keep him!!!!!!!!!! He has always said NO MORE PETS!!!!!!! which I understand but he figured we spent enough on him already and we had no choice really but to have him here (after the fact) so he can't make the kids and I give him up. BUT he wants to have SOME fun with it so we aren't telling the kids till he is 10 weeks old when we would have been giving him up. LOL

Oh and he looked HUGE after we came back from camping so I weighed him and at 5 1/2 weeks he is 1lb 11 oz!!!!!!!!!! such a big boy. so in a WEEK he gained 7 oz!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!! by 6 weeks he will be almost 2 pounds!!!!! LOL
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This is wonderful news!! I was hoping you would keep him!!! He is such a special little guy!

Please keep updating pics of him!

What are you going to name him??
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I have no clue on a name. I named the puppy so think I am going to let my daughter name him......... so guess he will be "little man" for a few more weeks. LOL
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I loved the video. I'm glad you get to keep him because I can't imagine how heartbreaking it'd be to give him up. He truly is adorable.
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