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litter advice needed!

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Hi there!

I've recently adopted a persian from an animal shelter. We went in to look for another cat since our dear Calvin passed last year, and we've really been missing having a cat around the house, and so do the dogs!

We were interested in a kitten until I saw this beautiful cat, who was absolutely petrified. She had been rescued from previous owners who abused her, and was left in a basement with NO windows or lights for four months. They would randomly go and place food for her in the rafters, but that's it. She had her face stuck against the ground as she was too scared to look up, and was trembling. I knew this was NOT a good place for her as it was loud and busy, so we decided to take her home.

We're on day 5 now, and I know this may take MONTHS. We cleared out our spare bedroom and put an old futon in there, so that she'd have a 'hiding' spot. I go in several times a day and lay on the floor, and read a chapter of a book I'm reading out loud to her. She's hissed once at me but I think it's because I spooked her coming into the room. I read on here to not pet her, so I haven't been. I'm going to wait for her to come to us. I also bring a few treats in everytime my fiance or I go into the room, so she'll associate us with good things.

Anyways, back to my question about LITTER... the animal shelter just used normal clumping clay litter. Although the dogs are totally separate from her right now, in time when they get introduced, I worry about them getting at the litter box (I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels). I was thinking about getting her a hooded litter box but then read that you don't suggest using them, so I was just wondering if you had any other ideas. A friend of mine has two cats that she rescued, and just recently spent $1500 dollars on a bladder/urinary infection that one of them was diagnosed with. Is this caused by a certain litter or are there ways of preventing this?

As for right now, I am using a pine litter that is virtually dust free and 100% biodegradeable. The clumps can actually be flushed down the toilet, and although it's unscented it still smells great.

Anyways, please let me know if you have any suggestions at all. She is using the litter box just fine, but as I said I was planning on getting the "Booda Dome" litter box for her eventually, until I read that they're not recommended. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Thanks again!

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thank you for rescuing this little one...

As far as the dogs are concerned. When it's time (a long ways away) to introduce her to your dogs, use baby gates. Have her food and litter box in one room with a baby gate. She will be able to get through them or over them, but the dogs can't. She will need a room where she feels safe... but that's a whole other topic... The feline pine scoopable is fine.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Alright that sounds good!!

I'll just have to look into having someone build something around the litter box, so the dogs aren't able to get into it.

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Why not put a baby gate up so the dogs can't get into her room?
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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