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Foamy drool

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My cats went to the vet Saturday. They both got a medicated flea bath, it was there first one. One of my cats a few hours later started drooling, not too much, I figured it was because she tried grooming herself and the shampoo taste was still on her fur, she did the same thing when she had her Frontline treatment months ago and licked a bit of it.

It's now 3 days later and she is still drooling, but it's gotten somewhat foamy and more often. I called the vet and they said it was due to stress from days ago (in other words she has an upset stomach) and prescribed benadril. I highly doubt it is that, she is has been eating and drinking fine and going to the bathroom normal, no vomiting after the bath. She is playing normally, she just seemed a little agitated, not as relaxed.

So then we saw her lick her fur, and minutes later she started to drool. Now im sure a cat who is unable to properly groom themselves isnt a happy cat. Our other cat came from a shelter, he does fine with the bath he is very used to them. But the one that is drooling used to be a stray, shampoo was never part of her life nor was the horrible taste of it, she must be very sensitive to it. So we let her outside for a few minutes so she could roll around in the dirt. It seemed to work so far, it probably got rid of the shampoo taste.

We hope it stays this way and she doesnt start drolling again, id hate for her to have another plain bath to rinse off the shampoo taste!
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I've been told that it takes a week before the residue of similar medicated treatments dissipate. I rather use spot on which is suppose to disperse within an hour or less.
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I thought that some of the pesticide/insecticide in the shampoos was supposed to stay on the fur and skin to help kill fleas and flea eggs. It's rather odd that the vet clinic wouldn't know this...
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I would wash the cat to get that stuff off, right away.

Flea baths aren't really recommended for cats. They can be dangerous. It's much better to go with a spot application, in which you put one drop behind the head once a month. Advantage and Frontline are the two that seem to work best.

Since the cat has already been treated once, make sure you don't treat it again for another month.
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My cat is fine, after rolling in the dirt the bad taste is gone, no more drooling. If my cats get another bath it will be a regular bath, just to clean off any dirt, thats a mild shampoo for that. She wont need that for more than a year though my cats rarely get dirty inside. No more flea baths though.
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