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Spooky ran away!

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Spooky ran away while I was on vacation.

My cats had gone mad from the heat while we were away. My husband came home after only being away overnight. I stayed away visiting family for a week.

He didn't tell me that Spooky ran away a few days in to my vacation. She was upset that I was not around, and that I had been replaced by a large man (my brother in law who drove home with my husband and stayed for the week).

I got home and he broke the news. Spooky has not been seen for a few days. I didn't sleep that night. My dreams were filled with Spooky coming home dreams.

The next morning, I was still not letting myself cry over my missing kitty. Not knowing exactly how, when, and why I was not going to get upset until I had time to take it all in.

Sitting on the couch, looking for something to watch to take my mind off it, two yellow eyes approached my window and let out a high pitched cry. Spooky returned!

I am so glad she came back so fast. No sleepless nights. And I don't have to kill hubby.

She needed a bath though.
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Oh Thank God she came back
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Originally Posted by LorEye View Post

And I don't have to kill hubby.
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I'm so glad your little baby came home!
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I am so glad that you got your kitty back!
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You must be so relieved!
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Oh my goodness! Do you think she knew you were back and it was safe to come home? Maybe she was staking out the house looking for you?

Glad she`s back safe and sound
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