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Breaking Ground

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We've finally broken ground to build a home in rural Maine. We're so excited!
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Woo!!! Looks very pretty!! I live in Maine. It is a beautiful place to live!!
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Wow, that is going to be a beautiful place to live!
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Oh, what a wonderful feeling it must be, to make a place all your own, right from the ground up! Congratulations!
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Congrats!!! Will this be a permanent residence or a vacation home??
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If you like photography and have some pics of Maine there is a site thedailymaine I go to and check out the pics they put up every other day or so. Locals submit photos and they post them. Here's a pic of my buddy trying not to look intimidated by the size of the timbers we are about to install.
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wow those are some large beams!! congrats on breaking ground
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What a view you are going to have!

I sure hope you will post photos of the progress as it goes along, I would LOVE to see it!!!
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Wow, what a view. Congratulations! (I live in Maine too!)
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
What a view you are going to have!

I sure hope you will post photos of the progress as it goes along, I would LOVE to see it!!!
me, too!
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Thanks everybody! We're moving up North to live there. Should be nice for our cats too. So many different kinds of animals they can chatter their teeth at! I'll post some progress pics. After talking to the neighbors we decided to build a place that looks like an old barn. It will blend in and won't stick out like a sore thumb. Here's one of our neighbors house after a flurry or two!
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OMG, what a GORGEOUS view!! Are you building it yourselves, or do you have a contractor doing it. I was just curious. DH mentioned trying to build ours himself (we were living in an old farm house on the property at the time) and I said "Honey, I want to be in the house before we die". So, we got a modular for now.

The ground breaking is always exciting! I used to stand by the hole for the basement and think "this will be my front yard"! Watching it happen is amazing!
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Woo! That's awesome I would love to live up north again (though "up north" for me is New Jersey). The view looks like it is going to be stunning where you are building!

We are going to Maine in August for a wedding - most of Rob's family on his mom's side live up there, but I sure can't convince him to leave South Carolina except for vacations!
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How exciting! Best wishes with this!
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