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Just moved and worried about kitties

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I think this is mostly to get it out into the universe and off my chest, but I would appreciate any shared experiences, advice or comfort! I recently moved, and the past few days have been stressful for me and my kitties. I moved most things out of my home on Friday and got settled a bit in my new place, then went back to my old place yesterday to get a last load and my kitties. So they've been confused since Friday, and today they experienced a 3.5 hour car ride (which they were not happy about one bit) and a whole new home.

I prepared a spare bedroom for them to hang out in at first, with furniture/toys/etc. that they are familiar with. When I let them out of their carrier 3 hours ago, Evie ran directly to the corner of the room to hide under the same chair she hid under for nearly two weeks when we first got her. Alex sniffed around a bit and then followed. They're still cuddled up underneath. Alex (the far more adventurous one) came out for a bit when I peeked underneath, sniffed his food and went back under. I know it hasn't been long yet, but it's breaking my heart a little! I know they're confused and scared and probably mad at me for uprooting them so, and I just want to make it better!

Thanks for reading my venting
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awww they'll be OK!! that's perfectly normal behaviour for uprooted cats!! Especially if they've never moved before, mine have been moved around a couple times so they are getting used to it, but the first time was NOT pretty. All that matter is that they have the most important constant in their lives, which is you!
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It just takes time, they will be fine, cats don't like upheavel but they will adjust Good Luck
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if you're willing to spend the $$$, feliway diffusers & rescue remedy can help them become adjusted more quickly.
otherwise - they'll calm down eventually.
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After 24 hours, the cats have surprised me very much in their adjustment. Evie, who is normally so much more cautious, reserved and skittish, was fine by the end of last night. She was playing, cuddling, exploring confidently... she wasn't even like this in my old place! Alex, on the other hand, is not adjusting well at all. Usually outgoing, fearless, unable to resist his favorite toy and very affectionate, he has been hiding under the bed all day. He hasn't eaten, he won't play. He comes out briefly to lurk around and then goes back to the bed. He doesn't want me to pick him up (normally loves being held on my shoulder) and a little bit ago he scratched my toe as I walked by the bed. This has NEVER happened... sometimes he'll grab a hand to lick it, but never once has he scratched or bitten skin. I did not expect this to be a problem for him at all; it's breaking my heart! I'm trying to stay calm about it as I know they pick up on how I feel, but I'm so sad for him Perhaps I will look in to the rescue remedy and feliway... I had never heard of those things, so thank you very much for the suggestion! Do they really work?
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i use the feliway primarily to ease stress on Pixel when introducing a new cat to the household [this isn't going to happen again for a while, tho]. she has herpes, & will have a flare-up when stressed.
i haven't used the rescue remedy in a while - i have some, but everyone's getting along ok, so i stopped adding it. besides, it was difficult to administer w/the fountains.
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I suspect they'll adjust fine after a few days. We've moved our cats around (although not a permanent change of houses) and it always takes a few days to feel "normal."

OK, a little confession here. My mother had a bad habit of moving at least once per year. Every time we moved into a new house, I was terrified in it for a week or two. I just KNEW that some former resident was hiding behind a door or in a closet, waiting to grab me. So I can sympathize with your cats.
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