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I have noticed that you do try to help others. I know you love those babies of yours.
If you lived closer I would have all sorts of resources for you.
Grey Intruder is a hard case. His FIV status makes his options rather slim. If only there were a sanctuary for FIV cats then he could be ok. But then he doesn't get along with other cats.
Can you keep him in an outdoor enclosure?
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Thank you CC! I do try to help others with my own experience and
knowledge - so often we feel alone when we do rescue, that its
good to encourage others - and provide a helping hand.

I would hate to make it HARDER on folks than it already is.
And having had help myself - I want to pass it on.

No good deed goes unpunished. Grey Intruder is a hard
case, as he is NOT a bad cat, but super aggressive to other
cats. Perhaps he had to scrap to live, and so its become habit.

I don't know. He is very possessive of me, LOL. Mike and I
discussed putting him on Mike's enclosed screened in
porch, which the doggies go through each morning for their "pee" break...

I suggested baby gates to keep doggies on track to
the pee gate/door, LOL, and
then when doggies come back inside, (Mike brings
em in) kitty can climb off his perch (we would get a tall one)
and roam free after doggies were inside.

Eventually kitty and doggies would be fine together - and
we could allow him to have free roam of porch.

And yes, had monies and time, I'd build me a wonderful outdoor
enclosure on Mike's land - I'm asking him about it right now, LOL!!

I just would love to help all the deserving cats out there -
Frodo's brother sounds so nice, and deserving - and I know
that Vicki works hard to care for her own brood o kitties -
that she's rescued So taking Frodo's Brother (I would call
him Samwise, LOL) and putting them back together would
be a relief to her. But I'm full up at the zoo right now!!

Gotta go now. But I'll take that under advisement - we may
use a commercial kennel fencing system, and be able to put something
together quickly for him...by winter's start.
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Happy Days!!! Frodo MEOWED at me to come inside from being out!! And when I called him (he was out all night and won't use pet door) he CAME to ME!!! And he purred when he came inside!!!

Then he reversed, and looked straight at me and meowed to go OUT.

Yes, yes, yes. I"ve not heard his meow but a handful of times, and NEVER
when he was directly staring at me!!! He must be more comfy with me,
and knows I'll let him in /out etc!!!

Frajabulous joys Now if I could only get him to accept my hand coming to his head. But we ARE making progress!! BF touched him too. (He wanted to run, but he didn't dart away immediately so...)

We will continue the good work. Prayers and vibes that Frodo boy will
make the transition to head scratches, AND to looving attention (he does
already, but we will work even mroe on it. Such a true Snoeshoe personality!!! Mellow, laid back and affectionate.)
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I am so glad you are coming with some good options for G.I. He sounds like a good boy who just got an unlucky break in life. But he has you and he loves you so his luck has changed.
Samwise and Frodo. SO cute. I too wish I could save every kitty in the world but my house is all full up with my 4 from outside. I have 6 cats and can't add anymore. At 8 you become officially a hoarder. Now if I had an enclosure then that is a whole other deal. Hmmm.

Keep posting. I love reading about the boys.
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