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Using your OWN fonts!

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I just realized that you can use any font in your posts that is on your computer! I'm going to do a couple of test fonts now!

Andale Mono

Book Antiqua

Calisto MT


Tw Cen MT Condensed



Franklin Gothic Book


Eras medium ITC

Calisto MT

Arial Narrow

[font=comic sans MS]How to see all of your fonts:

~Click on START




On NOTEPAD click EDIT and go to SET FONT. Scroll through al the fonts and write down the ones you like! Come back to The Cat Site and go to New Thread or Post Reply. Click on FONT and choose one. Write something short, like Hi. Click OK. Now you should see something like this Hi[/FONT ]. Change the font name to one that is on your computer. For Instance, Comic Sans MS. Write what you want in between!

Good Luck!
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Pretty cool!!!!!! I like Vagabond Outline! Thanks for the tip, its pretty snazzy!! :LOL:
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wow,cool I like it!
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I love the Pooh font too, Lizza! I got it on a program that came in a cereal box, hehe.
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hmmm...seeing if this will work
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*pout* wonder what I did wrong?
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Hi folks! This is one of my favorite fonts

I like this one too! Great idea, Tasha!
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Wow, I'm surprised none of you had noticed this before. I never used it since no one else did, so I though perhaps this forum had a rule against it, like some do!
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Neat trick!! I'll keep that in mind, although I'm not generally fussy over what my font looks like, as long as you can read it . . .
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Cool! This is one I had saved on my computer.

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This one is called Alexis...
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I this font! It's called Calisto MT! But this is my favorite! It's called Comic Sans MS!
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I had no idea!!! I always thought it depressing that we couldn't use more fonts, thanks Tasha! Here are a few of my fav!
I especially like handwriting fonts (Vivaldi)
This one is Ravie
I also like fonts that really grab your attention (this is called 'Adolescence')
This is called 'Algerian'
This is called 'Banjoman Open Bold'
I really like this one, I use it on some of my greeting cards
This one is EraserDust
This one is kinda nice. All of the ones above I have used a larger font size

Thanks again Tasha, you have made my experience and addiction with TCS even better!
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Mine didn't show up right, and I think some of the others look like this plain font too... maybe it's like messenger where the viewer has to have the same font stored to see it. Because the ones I see, I'm pretty sure I have, including the pooh font (my son has one of the games)
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Let me know if u can see all these!! Thanks.
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
Ok well enough for now...it probably didnt work anyway.
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YEAH it worked thanks....only one didnt I probably typed it wrong...not to figure out ho to make it bigger.....
Im gonna test this theory.....Let me know if u can see all these!! Thanks.
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone
Ok Everyone if that worked, I typed (for large)before I typed . I typed after I typed . I have to make mine bigger because my fonts are small otherwise...WEll lets hope this works.......
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i can only see the fonts that i have saved on my computer. i can see most of tamme's, but lola you are right... many of them look like plain font.
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It didnt work......anyone know how to make them bigger ????HELP!! lol. (I need help making them bigger above is my proof of why...)
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There is a SIZE thing beside FONT above your message. Huge is the biggest!
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It didnt work before, but I'll try again....
Hello every one let's hope this works!!
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But I can't go any bigger than huge...oh well...can everyone read this as a different font (looks like handwritting)? Or does it look like normal (like the keys on a keyboard)?
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i always use my own fonts, almost always.
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it looks like normal text not handwriting. i'm guessing it looks like handwriting on your screen, though.

your "custom" font will only show up as it should to you and those who have the font loaded on your computer.
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I wanted it to show up...UR right It does on my comp screen..(Oh since I put my font in huge for me, does that mean it's REALLY huse for u, or is it the same as this size?) I guess the 2 differnt fonts in my signature (bottom of all my posts) looks like normal text too...am I correct?? I guess I'll have to just use a font everyone else should have....
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either that or make us all download your font so we can see it!

i love www.fontface.com -- they have a load of cool free fonts!
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A font won't display on another persons computer if they do not have it loaded on there own drive—otherwise, it will default back to a system font because the operating system can't find what's not loaded.

Below, you might see Pixie font, if you have it loaded on your PC...if you don't have it installed, it will probably look like Arial
This Is Pixie Font

Here's what pixie font is supposed to look like if you have it loaded:

Just thought I'd throw that in.........

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(my name is now changed I am no longer Ilovemy10cats) Well the font I wrote the message with before was Violation, the ones in my signature are Nosferatu, and Tribal Two. Do a web search, and maybe you can find them since I cant remember
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kimward34 Um if that's true, why can I see the second pixie font, since I dont have it???
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kim put the second "pixie font" into a picture file and linked it. it's a .gif file not actual typing.
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