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Ack! Can't count on anyone! what would you do?

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I'm SO frusterated. Everytime I go away for a weekend I have an arsenal of people to look in on my cats. I am going away Friday afternoon - Tuesday afternoon and NOBODY is around to check on them everyday. THe soonest I can get them checked on would be Sunday and I'm just not comfortable leaving them that long.

So I called two pet care services, one told me they are booked for the weekend, the other said they were available and to call to set up an appointment to meet the cats.
Well I've called three times and left messages over two days and they haven't got back to me so I'm losing hope.

My parents have offered to look after them, but it's an hour and a half drive and they would be locked into one room most of the time. (my mom has a sensitive rescue cat and cello is very mean to new cats)
I don't mind taking them there but I don't know what's best.

option a) parents house -- have to take them in the car for an hour and a bit and locked up most of the time

option b) leave the cats alone for 4 days, but i'd have to buy an automatic feeder because i can't free feed cello.

I'm leaning towards option a) because I'd worry about them too much........
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option A is a no brainer, but I would keep looking for a professional petsitter, or engagin someone at work for whom you could return the favor. Of course you could take them to a kennel as well. You might want to figure how much does it cost in gas to take them to parents and pick them up versus how much the kennel costs.
Perhaps mom could agree to lock up her foster for a day or a few hours and let your guys out?

And if the petsitter calls you back now, I would advise you don't use them. They are obviously not reliable.

If you leave on friday and someone can check on sunday, that is only one day without anyone. that doesn't sound so bad. will they come in on monday as well?
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I would be more comfortable with them at home, even if it costs more in gas then at a kennel. My mom would let them out for a few hours each day I'm sure while her cat was asleep upstairs or something.

I am going to ask around at work, even if someone could come saturday/monday or something I'd be happy. I'm just freaking out..... I hate leaving them... especially with cello's habits of getting into endless siamese trouble!

i can't bring them to the cottage iwht me because our friends will have a doberman, he is a friendly doberman, but my kitties don't know that.
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I understand your frustration. fortunately I have a friend at work that takes care of mine when I am on vac and I do hers. but for her, I have to feed live crickets to the geiko in addition to feeding and scooping the 5 cats.

this summer is going to be a pain, because pansy has developed struvite crystals for which he needs two pillsa a day and she won't be able to pill him, she doesn't even see him, he hides. So I am going to have to shlep him with me for a three hour drive, and I know he won't shut up for one minute. Then he will hide in the condo for a week, he is such a nervous norvus, but I don't have a choice, he must have his meds, and I think a kennel will freak him out more.
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Only one day unattended (Saturday) isn't bad. I would definitely leave the cats at home, where they'll be relaxed and happy and have each other for company. Cats are made comfortable by the presence of their owner and by their familiar environment -- if you're taking away one, it's best not to take away the other.

When you're gone, I guarantee they'll just go about their normal routine, probably napping more than usual. They might be a little bored. In contrast, at a strange house with strange animals and locked in one room, they're likely to be stressed and upset.
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Do you have a neighbor you could trust to look in on them? Offer to pay them a small fee?

Good luck!
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I would leave them at your own home. It is too stressful for most cats to just up and move to a new place for a few days and then come back. I would leave them and have someone come Sunday to check in on them. That would only be 1-1.5 days alone. That is not that bad, they will be fine.

Just make sure that person actually does come. My sister was supposed to check in on my 5 cats every 2-3 days when I went to LA for 2 weeks. I came home to find she came once only. The litterboxes were so nasty. But my cats were fine. A little pissed that I left but fine.
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Yeah the 'pet sitter' just emailed me to tell me all the sudden she has to work and won't be in the area.....very sketchy. Just ridiculous. Someone at my work has offered to come twice to check on them, feed them and scoop the litter.

My neighbour and me usually trade but this weekend everyone was just away! This girl has two cats, so she knows cats....... I will leave her some money, i think that's fair. *sigh* stupid frusterating people.
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