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Dominance behavior towards young kitten

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Just yesterday, a kitten (I'm assuming that it's feral since it is scared to death of people...) wandered into the yard, hanging around our most recent stray rescue (male). At first, my b/f and I were just going to let the kitten hang around but a short time later, the male (Jacob) started biting her on the back of the neck, later, it looked like he was attempting to mount her. He repeated this several times, even following the kitten into the garage and pinning her into a corner. There was never any hissing or any other sort of aggressive behavior towards her and at other times, he was acting in a nurturing way, cleaning her and laying near her.

At this time, the kitten is in the basement, in my room and Jacob is outside (where he stays anyway). Up until this point, he's been mild mannered (and even a bit timid) with the other cats (4 other rescued cats) in the month or so since he got there. He's unfixed but that's going to be taken care of tomorrow. The only reason that wasn't done right away was that there wasn't the money for it and now, I fear for the kitten if he keeps up this dominant behavior.

I guess, more than anything, I'm just looking for a little reassurance that his behavior will improve after he's been neutered
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I'm sorry to say i have just got a new kitten and introduced it to my one year old cat, the cat is acting the same as yours and hes been neutered months now. I'm stuck for answers too!
hoping he will stop when hes used to the kitten!
Becky x
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I do not know if this is correct. I thought it had to do with dominance. They grab them by the back of the neck with their teeth and mount them pinning them down. They aren't hurting each other. Maybe someone will have a more definite answer.
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