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You Might be a Cat Lover if----

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This is an oldie, but goodie that we haven't done for a while! What are your symptoms?

You might be a cat lover if you are never in the bathroom alone! (unless you're katl8e, and just added a shower door. Poor Rowdy! )
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When you go to pick up your photos at the store and the clerk looks at you strangely and says "Don't you ever take pictures of people?"
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... you have to think quickly to explain to the landlord why the closet is meowing.
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LOL! Lola! I just about spit out my coffee on the monitor!
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When every shirt you own appears to be Angora...

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That was hysterical!!!! (and hissy, your reaction almost made ME choke!)

You might be a cat lover if.....

you have to explain the LARGE scratch marks on your neck to your new potential boss....

(Gary and I are partners. The guy couldn't stop staring at my neck. Gary finally had to say... "Oh yeah - and we rescue feral cats...." :tounge2: )
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Your favorite chair squawls, when you sit down, without looking.
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You take your cat's name as your board name.
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When you are asked at the grocery store "paper or plastic" you stop for a minute to think which one your cat would like to play in best.
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whatever do you mean hissy?

when you keep thinking "I can get another cat IF...."
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....your wallet contains pics of cats and no humans (with the exception of your drivers license, of course)

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When you evaluate new places to live based on how much play space there is, how well the windows work for bird watching and where you can put the litterboxes.

Oh, and MA I always choose plastic bags so I have something to scoop litter into!
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Heidi, that's why I just did my grocery shopping today instead of waiting! I have a fabric bag holder hanging in my kitchen for just that purpose...
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your excuse for taking time off work is that you have to take your baby to the doctor and no one questions it even though you don't have any kids.
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When you cried more than your cat when you dropped her off at the vets.
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When you quit setting an electronic alarm clock because the furry version always wakes you up first.
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When you can't get to sleep unless there's a kitty sleeping with you.
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if your legs have no feeling in them because your cat fell asleep on them, and you didn't have the heart to move.
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When you decide NOT to vacuum for fear of upsetting your cats…

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if you have no bread or milk, but enough catnip to see you through the end of the year
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when new kitty toys fall under the category of "necessities".
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When your mother calls and tells you she is making you a wall hanging and it is to go on your wall and your cats are not to sleep on it!

(sorry mother, I tried to keep them off it)
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you have real human kids too but you refer your cats to your kids as well..
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The frist place you hit in any store is the cat isle![sp?]
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when finding out a new S/O is allergic means eating hagen-dahz by yourself on the couch on friday night again...
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You talk nicer to your cat than to your husband.
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...when you change the window sill, and get a special made deep one, so you can have flowerpots and other things there - and there will still be plenty of space for your cats to be comfortable there...
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When you end your call to the plumber with, "Send someone who isn't allergic to cats, please"
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...when you announce to people that you are expecting another kitten, only this time the bold kind...
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...when someone at work borrows your desk chair, you can always find it, because yours seem to be a more hairy than the other chairs.
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