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Stray cat

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Hi everyone

I live in a condo community, i was in the parking lot taking out some garbage and i seen a cat walking around. I've lived here for about a year and ive never seen a stray cat around. Hes so beautiful hes orange and white. I kept my distance and was looking at him he was enjoying the sun. I have 2 cats if my own, i went back home and got some cat food. I went in front of him, but within a distance and slowly put my hand down to let him see i had something. Walked away and waited, he ate the food then laid in the shade. I gave him a little while and walked a little closer to see if he was friendly. He wasnt mean he didnt hiss or do anything except back away. Now i was closer to him and was looking at him. His coat is very shiny he looks well groomed, He doesnt look like hes starving, hes got the same little belly my cats have. Now i dont know if hes a street cat who eats enough, or if he got away from his owner. But if hes a street cat hes a well groomed one lol. My mom said she's seen him before also. But my mom wont take him in because i have more animals and she dont know what he might have, i understand that, but i want to try and bring him somewhere to a shelter or something. I'm gonna ask around here first to see if anyone lost him. So i guess what this all comes down to, is there a way to make a stay cat trust you enough to let u get close to them? Something is really telling me hes not a street cat, but all i know is i hate seeing cats on the street and i wanna get him off. We've been getting a lot of storms, and i dont want him in them
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Wet food. It works like a charm. The more you bring the more they look at you like maybe you are one of the good ones. If you set a routine and bring it daily sooner or later you will be able to get close.
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