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Litter box in the bedroom

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I have a 3 month and 5 month old kitten. There are three litter boxes spread out through the house. One of them is in my bedroom since they both sleep with me at night. I don't always want a litter box in my room, but I know because of their young age they might not be able to control themselves that long during the night.

So my question is... at what age should it be safest to move the litter box out without such a high risk of accidents?

Thank you so much!
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I would wait til the youngest is about 5-6 months old... but don't just remove the box. Move the box an inch at a time towards the door, it may take a few weeks til the box is moved outside the bedroom. Cats don't do well with abrupt litter box changes.
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Thank you again! We are all so thankful to have you here this week.
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