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even more seagulls

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ok so we came across more seagulls..and yes I fed them to get these photos...

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arn't they cute?!!! I always say they are and my bf tells me "ew their dirt and gross" same with pigeons!
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DH was in the navy...he calls them rat with wings....when the ships dump trash out at sea the gulls fight over it.
I think they are pretty.
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I dont like them either but I have a reason. I used to live near the Coast and they went on everything including us.
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yeah that would be a good reason
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My moms' friend and daughter were out at the beach eating chips and a seagull poopied in them, obviously my moms friend didn't tell her daughter and she ate them!
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I love your pics, but i HATE gulls,lol

When me and my cousins were young, we were evil,lol. We used to put antacids in frys and pour soda on them. the gulls would eat the fries, fly over the water and pop,lol. nobody minded cause they were considered a nusance. Still are, but now you cant kill them in public places, only in your own yard. and Fee is only $25 for one, so there not to worried about it,lol
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who knew that seagulls could look so beautiful?
Nice pictures.

I wish I was better with a camera.
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aww that's mean!!!!
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Originally Posted by Mer636 View Post
aww that's mean!!!!

mean maybe, but we were 10,lol. Also, they are a HUGE nusance around here. They drive people away from eating outside at drive in's and nice places.

There ok at the beach, but at my local place to eat, i HATE them!
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yeah but I mean the one's here only land near you if you drop food
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Very nice!!
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