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how to hold a cat?

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how to hold a cat? i mean how to carry a cat?

my first time carry a cat.... i dont know nothing..... i grab with 2 hands... on her chest and left up... but she dont lift up with me..... then i release..... then she breath hard...... breath in breath out hard for like 4 sec..... then i try to carry her again for the second time.... again.... i release and she breath hard..... i was so scared..... then gladly she acts normal..... and let me pet her..... she seems fine.

1: do i have to be more concern of the hard breathing? is she ok? she looks ok.... do i still have to be furthur concern?

2: how to carry a cat properly?

i put 2 hands on her chest and lift up but she wont lift up with me.. its like 5sec long. then i put her down back. then second time...left up... 5sec... then put her down again.... she breath hard in and out for 4sec each time my hands is on her chest trying to lift her up.
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Don't try to pick her up like you would a child... what I mean is don't put your hands like in her arm pits and lift up... cats need to feel secure and do not like it when their back ends are left to dangle freely... I put one hand kind of under my cat's chest and use the other hand to scoop under his butt and pick him up - that way he feels secure and is not scared that he might fall.

I'm not sure about the heavy breathing.... how old is the cat? how much does she weigh? Are you familiar with this cat or did you just get her? She may not be the type of cat that particularly likes to be picked up... or if she is new to you, she may need time to get used to you before she feels comfortable with you holding her... has she been to the vet recently for a check up? The vet would notice during a regular exam if there is anything wrong with your kitty's breathing
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I wrote about this very topic on my blog. Here's a link to the post: http://howtoholdacat.blogspot.com/20...roper-way.html
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Aw I like your blog post... you basically describe what I was trying to say haha

Depending on his mood, Oliver actually likes to be held... sometimes shoulder style sometimes he's all about being a baby (the only time he'll let me rub his buddah belly without bunnykicking lol)
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If I need to pick up Murray, I grab him with one hand at the chest, just behind his front paws, and then slide one hand under his butt and lift until I am cuddling him to my chest like a baby. He's a big boy (15 pounds), so sometimes lifting is easier said than done!! He tolerates being held for a short time, but then struggles to get free.
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I just scoop my boy up, but he never complains about anything... he likes getting carried over my shoulder...

Are you trying to pick her up and just not picking her up for some reason? Is she upset with being picked up?
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I find that i can pick up and hold my cat anyway he doesn't care as long as he is getting attention! His favorite position is to lay is on his back like a baby in my arms. maybe your cat is afraid you will drop him (someone may have before) maybe a scooping motion holding him by his bum and chest may help.
Although his breathing doesn't sound good, i would keep an eye out for heavy breathing any other time and see if there's a pattern or see a vet.
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