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Our foster kittens.

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As you may know we have recently started fostering for Cats Protection. Our first foster Cleo, an older kitty has gone back to her orginal fosterer, she's still not in good health and we are waiting to find out more about her problems. The good news is that she will not be put to sleep even if she cannot be rehomed, the fosterer will keep her in her sun house!

Now that Cleo has gone we have been given 2 8 week old feral kittens, they were part of a litter of 4 but these 2 are the friendliest and just need more attention to get them socialised. So far so good, no major injuries!!

Den (He was licking his chops on the first pic).


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They are such cute little babies
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Oh my, such cuties! Where was the cuteness warning?!?! I love their fluffy fur!!!!
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What cuties! I love the glare in the second pic lol. Thanks for fostering these cuties!
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Oh my!! What cuties! That little Della looks like mischief in the making, though!! Reminds me of my Hannah!
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The kittens are doing good, we were told that Della was the most outgoing but Den has really come round! He rolls over all the time and rubs up against us, he's even met Poppy without hissing! Della is ok with the cats but has a hissy fit every time she sees Poppy even though Poppy actually behaves with them, she doesn't seem as loving either but purrs like a tank. Jupey loves them, he loves to play with Den, he has his own 'Mini-Me', it's very funny to watch.

Guess which one I want to keep but can't...
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Den and Della now:

I'm hoping it wont be long before they get adopted, they've both become really confident, you'd never know they were feral!
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Too cute. I would not be able to resist.
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