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Problems with Food change?

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My kitten Stewie is about 12 weeks old and we adopted him when he was 5 weeks old. We started feeding him Science Diet (dry) when we got him and unfortunately he started getting Urinary Tract Infections. After his second one we decided to change his food to Innuva EVO (dry). We slowly mixed in a little bit gradually with his old food for about a week. The UTI cleared up but now he doesn't seem as eager to eat at feeding time. He used to finish all of his food in a matter of a few minutes, he loved his food. Now that we are feeding him purely EVO he doesn't even touch it at first and usually eats it as the day goes on as opposed to right away. Is this bad? Also, he poops a lot more than he used to and it smells extremely bad. We just all of his immunizations about two weeks ago so i don't think it is a parasite so is it just because of the food?
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you likely have a grazer ... one that eats alot but a small amount... EVO actually is the last food I hear recommended for uti ... has the vet re checked?? ... kittens poop alot ... How many times have you Wormed Stewie??
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He has been de-wormed once about 1 1/2 weeks ago. He will go in again later this week. he used to "attack" his food and finish it really quickly but now he just looks at it at first and just nibbles every now and then. We just finished giving him his anti-biotics for the UTI and it appears to be cleared but we have not taken him back to the vet yet because he has to go in for more immunizations later this week. He didn't used to poop half as much with the Science Diet and it wouldn't usually smell.
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Evo could be too rich for the kitty ... you may want to try a simplier food ... there are many one meat one grain s that fit the bill ..but see what the vet says first ... Kittens on ave NEED three worming s to be worm free
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For urinary health issues, my vet recommended Royal Canin Urinary SO. I have been adding it to my cat's diet to transition him to that (he has been on Purina One for urinary tract health and done well on it, but like with your cats, hasn't seemed too eager about eating it). His poop is a little stinky, but not anything I can't live with! :-) And he doesn't poop that much, just a normal amount once per day.
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Thank you for all of the input. I'm new at this and i just really want to keep our Stewie healthy. Yesterday i really followed him around and i found out that he does have diarhea. We're taking him to the vet tomorrow. If this is not an intestinal issue . . . which i personally don't think it is; was it the food change? I'm thinking that i changed him over too quick and didn't give him a chance to get used to the new food. is it too late to go back and start to give him half of his old food and new food or will he get used to the new food?
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yes too quick of one can cause GI distress
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so should i just return to the old food and gradually introduce him to the new one again? or will it cause a bigger problem.
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no ...try this for a while but do go to the vet in case
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