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Rearranging The Litter Boxes

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Thanks, Marilyn for taking the time to answer our questions here on TCS. Now, onto the question at hand. I have three cats inside and three litter boxes, which are all located in one room. Is it better to have them located in various spots throughout the house or should I just leave them where they are? They are all use to them being in the same spot. Would it cause problems if I should position them in other rooms of the house?

Thanks in Advance,
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Hi Paula,
Good question. It's better to have boxes throughout the house, but that being said, don't immediately remove your existing ones, instead add new boxes elsewhere, keeping the original three in their existing location. After they are consistently using the new boxes (could take one month or longer), take one of the original boxes out of the room. After a few weeks, remove one more. There should always be one box in the original location. Cats need consistency, so litter box changes need to be done slowly.

Also, whenever adding a new box, put a cup of used litter into the new litter and show the cat where the box is.

Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Thanks so much, Marilyn, for your quick response. I shall give this a try as soon as I purchase some new boxes. Thanks Again!!
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