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what will change? (another ? about adding a 3rd)

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I have posted recently about thinking of adding a 3rd kitty to our pride. But I have been worrying about how it would change things. Raven and Jack are pretty bonded but they also have no problems in having some space from each other when they need to. And Jack is the nicest cat ever, I have had 3 people say that he has restored their faith in cats. He loves everybody and is so friendly and quick to purr. Raven is becoming more friendly, she is not timid or anything, just aloof. Would adding a 3rd change Raven and Jack's personalities?
I guess one thing I would love is to see them stay young. I think they already are fit and get the crazies and chase each other all around, I would like to see that continue because I am sure we would add a kitten and kittens are so playful.
The more I think about it the more I think I am afraid to upset the balance we already have.
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I can only comment on my experience, I adopted a third in January after having 2 cats (Oliver and Sasha) for 3 years. They never really bonded but the new addition (Maddy, 5 months old at the time) adores them both and she and Sasha have really bonded. Oliver is more of a stand alone cat but he doesn't mind either of them. Maddy has got them off the couch so to speak as she will chase them around the house, Sasha in particular. Sasha now seems like a kitten herself at times and she's almost 7.

Incidentally, I adopted Maddy against the advice of my vet--she told me that often adding a third cat will upset the balance in the house, but there are many people on this site that have 3 or more that get along fine. I think it really depends on the personalities of the cats and if there is enough territory to go around.
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well, I think I have decided to let it go for now. I love my 2 and there are many things I want to provide for them. I was just thinking that since they are so young that it would be easier for them to accept a friend, but I am happy and so are they right now.
Maybe I will get a fish tank lol.
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i was very happy w/my 2 when there were only 2. i only took Cable because she was found in the road in front of the school - probably about 8 weeks old, only weighed about a pound & covered w/fleas. i thought i'd made a mistake, tho - she drove my two 7 year olds crazy...
but when Mouse died about 3 months later, i was really glad i had Cable. Pixel & Mouse were littermates, & until Mouse's illness & hospitalization, they'd never spent a night apart. at least Pixel wasn't left to be an 'only cat' even if the other was a pesky little brat!
i'm really glad now that my tribe are all differing ages.
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Honestly, after reading all the responses on here over time about all the behavioral issues cats can and do have I am worried about even adding one more cat to my one and only adult female. I know, no help, this reply!
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We decided to bring a 3rd one into the family a couple of months ago now. We did have reservations about how it would go as Blue is 13 and Harley is 9. Blue and Harley get on really well as Harley was one of my other cats kittens (sadly she disappeared years ago) so they have been together since Harley was born and Harley has a pathalogical hatred of any cat except Blue! We knew that Harley would not accept another male into the home so we decided to look for a young female and adopted 2 yr old Milly from the RSPCA. She has been with us for 6 weeks now and has settled in really really well! We made sure the other two got lots of extra love and attention so they wouldnt feel left out and its like she has been with us forever, she really loves her brothers and follows Blue around like a shadow sleeping next to him etc.. last night they were both on the bed together and she had her leg outstretched to she could touch him with her paw
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I brought 2 already bonded cats in at the same time to Demetri, he accepted them both and all 3 of them are together all the time now. Playing or snuggled up asleep.
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I was completely selfish going for a third cat! My two were quite content with the way things were. I wanted a snuggly kitty just for me and me alone.

Igot an older cat (he is 8) who is so super affectionate. He was a shelter favorite. They said he loved people and was great with other cats. But I had no idea how calm and patient he would be around my other cats!

He is so awesome!

He is exactly what I needed! I belive I return the favor as well because he needs that kind of affection too. We cuddle MANY times a fact any time I sit down.

My other two don't mind him being around one bit and he could care less about them either. They all do their own thing. But as time goes on I am seeing them napping closer together. They play better together now that they are learning each others boundries.

They eat close by, use the same litter box (I clean it 4 times a day), sleep and lounge in each others company and play. No issues whatsoever. I know I am very lucky but I also know I can't be the only one that has had success with bringing in a third cat.

I guess ask yourself WHY you want a third cat. Read as much as you can on cat behavoir so you'll know what kind of cats you already have it can make it easier to choose the third one as a compliment to your other cats. Don't want all dominate cats!! Yikes!

Don't be afraid of common cat "issues", because they can all be dealt with if you are willing to do what you have to do to keep everyone happy.

Bottom line: It was risk worth taking.
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